08 Invisible Job skills to get noticed at work.

Did you know that job skills are not just your abilities relating to your actual job or work description? In this Skillopedia you will learn a secret-everything you do at work is a skill.  How you talk to people in the cafeteria during your breaks is a skill, your ability to help a co worker with his work is a skill, and your ability to remember your boss’s birthday is also a skill. In fact, something as simple as encouraging a stressed co worker is also a job skill.

These little things feel very unimportant, very tiny and even unnecessary, but these simple “invisible” skills shape up big careers over time.  Whether you’ve just started working, or whether you’ve been working for years, you need to improve these little skills in order to be likeable and successful in whatever you do.

So let’s see what these invisible job skills are:

Show up at work

Of course, everyone can go to work.  But there are some people who don’t. Do you call in sick a little too often; tell your boss you can’t come to work?  Don’t be that person.  Just go to work.  And go on time.  In other words, don’t abuse the vacation policy.  That’s probably the basic job skill that will determine how successful your career is.

Know your job currency

Always ask yourself “Am I adding value to my job?” For that you need to know what your job currency is.  If you are a call center advisor, you take calls.  Well that’s your job description.  But your job currency is delighting customers and giving them the best solution is the fastest possible way.  That way you add value to your job.  Let me tell you- Employees who add value end up being invaluable.

Have a good and upbeat attitude

Many people at work are foolish enough to believe that they are doing their company a favor by working for them.  That’s so not true. If you have that mindset, you will have a really bad attitude.  You are responsible for your own attitude.  Do you want to know what kind of an attitude you have? Ask a co worker for an honest opinion and be humble enough to actually take hard advice.  If you want to have a better job , always keep a good attitude.

Do more than asked

What separates a good employee from an outstanding one? An employee who does more than is expected!! Yes, you can only stand out if you exceed expectations.  If your boss gives you a one hour job and you finish it in 30 minutes and then go to help your co workers, it shows that you have done more than you have been asked for.  And these little things never go unnoticed.

Be diplomatic

Diplomacy at work is all about doing little things for people you work with.  Holding the elevator door for any person you don’t know, helping someone find a parking spot, getting a cup of coffee for someone who has been working too hard on a project.  These things make people like you and improve your career growth in the long run.

Be grateful

In other words, don’t complain.  Employees who complain all the time are not the ones with a good attitude.  In fact, don’t complain about little things like the quality of lunch, the air freshener, the way your office looks, the lighting. You should be grateful you have a job because there are many who don’t.

Play to your strengths

This is all about giving your best at work based on your strengths.  Make sure you schedule work for a time which is best for you and your co workers.  Like holding a meeting early in the morning is best because everyone is fresh and energetic rather than having a meeting in the late evenings.

Use company resources to educate yourself

 Make good use of any continuing education funds your company provides. The education provided could be academic or a more skill based one.  Remember, if your company wants to spend money to make you a better employee, you must jump at the opportunity.

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