10 American Slang English Words I Love To Use Every Day In My Conversations

Using slang English words is quite common in speaking natural English. In this English Conversation lesson, I will teach you 10 American Slang Words In English related to food and drinks. If you watch American TV series or Movies, you may have noticed these slang English words, they are quite common in American English and native speakers often use them in their daily English speaking. I am sure you would love to use these slang expressions, it would add a natural flavour to your English communication skills. 

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Hey friends you are with me Niharika and in today’s lesson we are gonna look at some slang terms that are used related to food and drinks. Now most of these slang terms that we are gonna learn today are American slang terms, so if you are watching an American movie or if you’re traveling to the US then you will come across people using these slang terms very commonly. So you need not get confused, here is an explanation and how you can use this in your English. So the first one that I have for you is “grub” or another term that can be used is “nosh”. Now grub and nosh are slang words used for food. So when you are extremely hungry, you’re starving and you need to eat some food then why use the boring word food? Use the slang term grub or nosh, and how do you use it? Well you can say that “oh, I am so hungry, let’s go grab some grub”, or “let’s go grab some nosh”, okay? So here you’re wanting to eat some food, right? Moving on to another one, the most important one, well you can’t start your day without this which is, “cup-o Joe”. So what is cup-o Joe? Well glass or a cup of coffee. So this is a slang term used for coffee. Now if you can’t do without your morning cup of coffee then yes go ahead use this slang word which is ‘cup-o Joe’. “I need a cup-o Joe, my head is hurting”, so which means that you need a cup of coffee for yourself. Moving on to another slang word that I have for you is “Grinder” or “sub”. Hmm did you guess it? Well Grinder or sub is used for a sandwich, okay so it’s another word or a slang term for sandwich. Now when you stop by you’re hungry and you stop by to buy a sandwich then you can say, “alright, let’s go get a grinder” or “let’s go get a sub” now specifically when you use the slang term grinder, it’s actually for a long sandwich so probably say a 12-inch sandwich, yes that’s quite a long sandwich, right? So if you’re just casually talking about a sandwich then you can use the word ‘sub’ okay this is a slang term but if you are talking about a long or a big sandwich that’s gonna fill your tummy then you can use the slang term grinder, interesting right? Let’s move on to another one which is “doggie bag”. Now ‘doggie bag’, is that some dog food for your puppies, for your dogs? Well no we’re not talking about some food for your dogs or for your puppies, well doggie bag is the leftover food that you eat at a restaurant and then take it at home. So you order too much of food, you’re in a restaurant and you ordered a lot of food and look at your table, there are so many leftovers, what are you gonna do with all that food? You can eat it the next day. So if you want to carry that leftover food back to your house then you ask for a doggie bag. So when the waiter comes to your table and is ready to take your plates and you’re gonna say, “Oh I would need a doggie bag”, so he will understand that you want to pack up or pack your leftover food, okay? So it’s the leftover food, or leftovers from restaurant alright/ Moving on to another one is “bag fries”. Okay bag fries, what is bag fries? Carrying French fries in a bag? Well no. Bag fries is a term used for French fries but that are left to the bottom of the bag. You know at times when you are munching on those amazing, oily French fries and then you see the bag is over, but when you really shake it hard, yay there pops up some more fries for you which are like settled at the bottom of a bag, so those fries which is stuck or settled at the bottom of the bag are called as ‘bag fries’. So next time you are munching on some delicious French fries and then use spot, you shake the bag and you spot some more left fries in that bag which were settled down, you’re gonna give a shout, “hey I got some bag fries”, okay? So I’m just gonna say that they’re all settled fries that are left in the bag, okay? Moving on to another one, “drummy”. What is drummy? Well the one who plays the drums? No. Well drummy is a slang term that is used for chicken drumsticks. So when you go to KFC and you order for some nice fried drumsticks, or you’re just cooking some chicken drumsticks at home, well you can say, “oh I have some drummys at home”, okay? So use this slang term the next time you are eating or enjoying a chicken drumstick. The next one “fixings”. Well I have some fixings with this meal out here. So fixings is actually a slang word for side dishes. When you order for a big meal you also get some side dishes that you can relish on. For example some baked potato or some mashed potatoes or some fries, so these are all side dishes with your main meal, okay? So those are called as fixings. Alright, moving on to another slang word which is “frogurt”. Well you have yogurt, or you have like frozen ice cream, so what is frogurt? Well the healthy frozen yogurt. Yes it is very healthy. So the next time you are craving for some good dessert, well you can skip on the ice cream and eat some frogurt. So frogurt is a slang word used for frozen yogurt. So there are different flavours to these frozen yogurts and they’re absolutely delicious and guess what it’s healthy, so go for it. Frozen yogurt, a slang word that is used for it is frogurt, okay? Moving on to the next one is, “munchies”. Well there are two ways of using this slang word, well “I am craving for some munchies”, now munchies is basically that you are craving for some food or for some snack, but when you say that “oh these are some munchies for you with your drinks” so again munchies means when you are talking about like snack food or like bar food so maybe like French fries or some chips or some little bit of peanuts. Now these are all snack food that you can just pop in. So this can be cold as munchies, it’s a slang word for snack food, okay? And then the last one that I have for you which is quite interesting, “science project”. So are you working on a project? No. Well ‘science project’ is interestingly a slang term used for spoiled food in the refrigerator. So you know we have a habit of putting our leftovers in the refrigerator and then you totally forget about it, yes. And then few days later when you’re doing some cleaning and you spot some spoiled dirty food then you can call it a ‘science project’. “Hey guess what, look at the science project that was lying in the fridge for so many days.” So science project is spoiled food left in the refrigerator. Alright, so these are the ten slang terms that you can use the next time you are talking about food or drinks, so what are you waiting for, start using them and give that twist to your English and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care.


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