10 common expressions used in business English – ESL Lesson


[box type=”bio”] Finished watching the lesson – Now take the test below to test what you have learned[/box]

Choose the appropriate response from the choices given after ever question.

Finished watching the lesson, Now take the test below to test what you have learned.
Choose the appropriate response from the given choices

1. Thanks for lending me your car. ______________


2. John Said “I am going to Thailand to meet and finalize the deal with the clients” _________________________


3. Natasha said ” We have a new car, finally! ______________________


4. I lost my phone last night, so I couldn’t call you. __________________


5. Don’t you think the office needs new and updated work stations to be more productive.__________________


6. My company won’t buy the merchandise for more than  $100 for each item.__________________


7. The lunch order is taking too long, how much time more, I am already running late for the meeting.__________________


8. John was one of the employees whom the company laid off. __________________


9. To make the company succeed in the asain market, we have to customise our products as per the asian taste.__________________


10. We had wonderful sales today, We all are stressed and tired attending customers.__________________



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