10 English Words That Would Crack You Up! Advanced English Speaking Vocabulary

Learning English involves a lot of practice and building English vocabulary to speak fluent English. In today’s Advanced English speaking lesson learn some English words with meanings that sound quite funny and are sure to crack you up while learning them. We hope you would find this spoken English lesson and you would love to use these words in your daily English conversations to sound more confident while speaking English. 

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everybody welcome back to let’s talk this is me Meera. All right I’ve come, I’ve come up with such an odd, funny but odd words which are obviously a part of English vocabulary and if you actually use these in your day to day life or your messages or your mails probably, I’m sure and I can assure you that your English will certainly sound very decorated, okay? Are you excited for this? Because I am and did you if you ask me how did I, how did I find all these words I’ll tell you how, so since childhood have been watching a lot of American TV series and they used to use these words. Of course I couldn’t understand at that point of time but when I watch them today, I know exactly what it means and I want to share it with you all.

So let’s get started with our first very funny yet a useful word which is ‘blubber’. Where of course it sounds very funny and you wouldn’t know what it means unless until I use it. So let me try and use it in a sentence and let’s see if you can figure out what it means, okay? Okay here it goes, all right, “Stop blubbering like a two-year-old.” Did you guys, can you figure out what it means? So some of you might have figured out it means, to cry or to throw tantrums like a child and that’s how I used it, okay? To cry or throw tantrum so you can use it that way, that, “Stop blubbering like a two-year-old. My two year olds or “My kids have been blubbering since morning.” Okay? So I would tell if you know you can tell your husband, “I have been taking care of the kids, they have been blubbering since morning, you take care of them now” right? So you can use it very often blubber, remember this.

Moving forward from blubber we have ‘doozy’. Okay so doozy, remember it’s always used with ‘a’, all right? A doozy, it actually means, if you want to express something that is extraordinarily good or bad, you can use a doozy. So hey, so let’s just figure this out okay, that show was embarrassing or if the host did you know a few mistakes made a few mistakes and you want to just talk to your friend about it, so this is how you can say, “Hey do you remember that show?” “Oh yeah! That just was a doozy, right? So you just mean that it was really embarrassing for the host and everyone felt bad about it, okay? You feel for the person all right? So it just means really bad or good. So another example, “Did you eat French fries at that restaurant, it’s a doozy.” You just mean it’s really good and yummy and tasty, okay?

Moving from a doozy we have ‘flabbergasted’. Flabbergasted, can you hear it? Can you, can you see how funny it is, right? Okay it just means something when, when you’re really astonished or surprised. So here’s an example for you, “I checked the price of that dress online and I was flabbergasted.” Means extremely surprised, okay? I’m so glad that you guys are getting to know these new words because I want you guys to use it. I’m telling you, you would feel better each day when you use these fancy and funny words in your daily life. All right, another word for flabbergasted could be, “I heard her pregnancy news and I was flabbergasted.” Simple, right? And it just means surprised.

All right moving from here we have ‘festooned’. For me this word really sounds like a party word or it feels a very 60s or 70’s style party word but you know what it’s actually a part of that vocabulary. It actually means to decorate or decorated, okay? “The streets are festooned with lights during festivals.” or “I have festooned my Christmas tree this time”, right? Simple? Festooned, remember this word you can use it for decoration or decorated, okay? Or you can hey, you can always say, “Hey your English is festooned.” You’re just trying to say how decorated your language or your vocabulary is. Fun, right? So use it.

All right moving from festoon we have ‘fuddy-duddy’. Again really funny but something very useful. It usually means something that when people have old beliefs, right? When you believe in something that is old-fashioned, that’s when you say that, “That person is fuddy-duddy.” “So my grandfather always asks us to keep our hands off the table while dining, because he’s such a fuddy-duddy” right? So someone with old-fashioned beliefs, old-fashioned, right? Old-fashioned belief system.

All right moving from fuddy-duddy you can, we’re going to move to ‘gibberish’. Have you heard this word before, ever? Do you remember you’re hearing this word? Okay, especially you can use this, whenever you or probably your friend gets drunk, you can say, “Oh I don’t understand what this person wants, he’s speaking gibberish.” Did you guessed by now what it means? It just means a language that no one can understand or “My two-year-old has started talking and he speaks gibberish.” That just means a language that no one understands. I really like this word because it really, so especially when someone talks mathematics or numbers to me, I’m like, “Oh hold on, hold on you’re speaking gibberish to me, speak English.” That really means I cannot understand or I cannot do math well, so for me that language is gibberish, did you get it now?

All right then moving from gibberish we have ‘shenanigans’. Shenanigans, this actually means problematic activities or tricks that some people do, so for example, “You’ve got to stop all this and you need to start working otherwise your shenanigans are going to get you into trouble” right? That means problem activities or I can get into my classroom and say, “All of you, all of you stop with your shenanigans right now.” Did you get it? Okay just means problematic activities or tricks. Let me write that down.

Okay ‘squabble’. “My parents have been squabbling since morning.” Did you guess it? What is it? It just means fighting and that too for a very, very small reason for very, very stupid something which is very stupid. So “Stop squabbling about where to eat, let’s just go and find someplace to eat” right? So whenever you fight with your friends for something so stupid I want to go to this restaurant, no I want to go here, you just have to say stop squabbling about it, let’s just go, okay? So just means fights, stupid fights, right? Stupid fights. I’m sorry for that but I’m sure you would get it, stupid fights.

All right, ‘wishy-washy’. This is something my mother used to say to me and still say is at times that “You’ve got to be, you’ve got to stop being wishy-washy about your decisions.” What does that mean? That means you have to stop being indecisive. Indecisive means someone who’s very confused while making decisions, right? So you have to decide what you want don’t be wishy-washy about what you want to eat, just be calm and decide, something very simple, a very simple example. Okay let me write that down, someone who’s confused making, confused making decisions, wishy-washy, all right?

Okay and the last one for the day ‘hodgepodge’. “Most of you might have a table which is completely hodgepodge.” What does that mean? Untidy, untidy. “Your wardrobe is completely hodgepodge, arrange it right now.” Untidy cupboard and wardrobes, something very relatable something that you can think yourself to be in the same position?

Right, okay so these were really, really funny words which I use in my day-to-day life, I’m sure all of you will, from now on, make sure that you do, all right? Okay so that’s all for today guys, if you want to see any more of my videos there would be right, flashing somewhere right here by now. I would be seeing you very soon with some interesting topics, until then go crazy, stay calm, I’ll smile a lot guys and I would see very soon, this is me Meera signing off for the day, bye.

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