Stop saying ‘You are Crazy’ – Learn 10 Funny English Idioms that mean Crazy

Crazy, such a common word in spoken English. Do you always say ‘ I am crazy or You are crazy’. It’s time to take your English to the next level. Learn 10 Funny English idioms that mean ‘CRAZY’. In this English lesson with Meera you will learn some fun ways to call something or someone crazy.  I bet that you would enjoy this lesson and would be happy to use these cool English phrases in your English conversations. Idioms in English is  the best way to express your feelings and emotions. It shows that you can speak fluent English and adds spice and style to your English speaking. Practice these English idioms to improve your English and sound more confident in English. You are watching this English lesson on Let’s Talk English speaking Institute, our effort is to make learning english fun and easy. We have lessons ranging from English Grammar rules, Advanced English vocabulary, American English Phrases, British English, Accent Training, Lessons for IELTS and much more to  make your English better. You could join our English speaking course in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai for personalised English lesson plans.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera and today’s lesson is going to be very crazy. Why crazy? Because it is all about it. Well can you guys, can you see this picture, isn’t this the same emoji that we usually see on WhatsApp and also use it whenever we want to send someone specially when you are going crazy. Ah let’s try making this face, shall we? Oh! I cannot make this face. Basically even when if I am into a conversation with you one on one, I cannot make this face if I’m going crazy. I can only type message. Now that we have understood, how crazy this lesson is going to be. Why do we use just one word for going crazy? That’s just crazy. So stop using the word crazy all the time even if you are going crazy. I know I am saying it so many times, but that’s the whole point of the lesson. We are going to spice up our English by learning variety of idioms. But we can use just to say going crazy or someone else is going crazy or you are going crazy or if you see something crazy, okay? Okay guys, let’s just begin and spice up our English, like I said.

All right, first up we have “going Bonkers”. Now this simply of course simply means going crazy. Let’s just use it in a sentence, shall we? Okay here is something that made me crazy last week. Oh, yes! I got it, if it rains one more time, I’m going to go bonkers. Of course we are learning just crazy and I’m going to write few examples, if you want probably later or now but for now let’s just focus on all these idioms. Umm, okay, like I said I’, going to go crazy if it rains one more time, I’m going to go crazy if someone splashes water, but now we can use bonkers just the way we did right now. Do not talk to me like that otherwise I’m going to go bonkers, all right? Of course if you add a smile to it you don’t, people will just not take you that seriously but again it’s your choice.

All right, moving from going bonkers to “Beserk”. It just again means angry or irritated, all right? If I see another advertisement during my TV series, my mind is going to go beserk. Or you can say if my friend cancels the plan one more time, all of us in the group are going to go beserk, or you can also say, “If my uncle sends another good morning image on my WhatsApp, we all are going to go beserk on him. Do you see, how, how much variety there is, for, just to go crazy.

Okay guys, let’s move forward we have “blow up”. Just the way it suggest like, it’s like blow up, aah! Either you get super, super angry or super, super irritated and that is when you can use the word blow up. If I go home drunk, my parents are going to blow up. So that means, get very angry or get angry, right? If, if my friend cancels the plan one more time, I’m going to blow up upon her. If there is no change, like you know, when you want to change, need change for money specially and when nobody gives you change you might just blow up, okay?

All right, moving forward form blow up we have “go off the deep end” which actually means, extremely angry and going crazy with extreme anger. I suggest never to reach this stage of yourself but just if you do, here is how you can use it, so I’m going to write, extreme anger, All right?
So let’s just say, ‘”If he asks her out one more time, she will, she is definitely going to go off in the deep end. Like please make sure that you use double ‘F’ over here otherwise it will not make correct sense, okay? So I’m just going to mark this, okay? Umm let’s just take a look at another example, we have to go off the deep and let’s see do you have any examples for me? Make sure that you write down in the comment section below, umm I’m sure things make you go crazy, right? So let’s just take a look at this, oh yes! If she back answers her father one more time, her father is going to go off the deep end and yell back at her, simple?

Let’s move forward, “to pop one’s cork”, right? So imagine your head is like a bottle like a body is like bottle and your head is the cork, okay? And someone really pisses you off, pisses you off which simply means makes you go angry, go, go crazy and your head just like pop, like simply means pop the cork off, okay. So again, it’s getting angry and crazy, head off. In a very, very slang term I’ve mentioned this but let’s just take a look at an example, right? Umm, the way media takes or the paparazzi takes images of people around, they are definite to blow off someone’s, to pop someone’s cork off, right? That’s a way you can mention it, that’s the way you can talk about it.

Moving from pop one’s cork, we are going to go, “go ape”. Umm there are variations and people actually use go ape in so many different ways out of which going crazy is one of them, okay? So going ape is just the simp, as simple as going crazy because do you remember how apes can be differential from human beings. You cannot relate with them, right? They are getting very angry and very you can get very angry and irritated. So you can always um use if we have another client today, I’m going to go ape, because I’m done for the day. Or you can say, if at all I get another phone call, I’m going to go ape, okay? Just crazy.

Moving on from here we have go ballistic. You guys know what ballistic actually is? It’s a type of missile. Did you guys know that? And of course it’s meant to destroy something. So you can relate this idiom to your mind your peace of mind getting destroyed, okay? So, peace of mind, okay? So you can say, that the teacher announced a surprise test and the class went ballistic, why? Because of course nobody like surprise test. I don’t like surprise test either, do you? Of course not, okay.

Moving from going ballistic, to hit the roof. Just the way missile destroys your peace of mind, if you go angry, you probably might just like shoot up yourself and hit the roof and get blown up, right? Insane, going insane is something that you can say, all right? Um if the electricity, or hey, I have a new one, if the Wi-Fi goes off one more time, I’m going to hit the roof, yeah! There you go, doesn’t happen to you often?

Okay, next up we have “blow one’s top”. It’s of course it’s a little similar but like said, I’ve given you a variations, if you don’t remember one if you want to use another one you have this. So it’s a little similar to pop one’s cork to blow one’s top, right? It’s another variation to the same. Here also you can use in different ways that if my friend doesn’t come right now, she is already 15 minutes late, I’m definitely going to blow my own top right now. Because I’m going go crazy. If the food doesn’t come asap, I’m going , my mind’s going to blow, my, I’m going to blow off my top or you can always say that hey, why are you behaving like this? Are you going crazy? So instead you can say, is your top blown? What’s wrong with you? Right? Some way you can use it.

And the last one that we have, it’s my favorite actually, this is how I started searching for different idioms for all of you, is “going bananas”. This is something I learnt, in school. So it’s just very, very cute version of going crazy, okay? Going bananas is simply going crazy. I’m going to go bananas, I’m so hungry, simple? I need water right now otherwise I’m going to go bananas. Don’t ask me that question one more time, because I’m going to go bananas if you do, simple? All right, make sure that you use a variety if idioms and spice up your own language even if it means going crazy and no matter who is going crazy for what? All right, that’s all for the day guys, I’m going to see you all very soon with another interesting topic, that’s going to blow your mind. This is me Meera signing off for the day. Bye guys.

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