10 New Valentine’s Day Slang Words you would Love.

lessonLove is in the air and like any healthy relationship even the English language is constantly evolving and we come across lot of new words related to love, romance and relationships. So in this lesson today we are going to look at some slang words you can use for this Valentines.

1) To have the hots for – To be extremely attracted to someone

Eg- He’s got the hots for my cousin.

2) Mack on – To hit on someone or to flirt with someone

Eg- All he knows is macking on the girls.

3) Puppy love – young love or infatuation. Many young kids these days get the feeling of love and romance but it is just an infatuation.

Eg- It’s just puppy love; you need to start concentrating on your projects.

4) Trophy wife – The young and attractive wife of a wealthy, famous or important man. She is more like a Status symbol for her husband.

Eg) I spotted John with his new trophy wife at the concert last week.

5) To go Hogging – To go out seeking less desirable women, or to pursue overweight women with the intentions of just having sex with them.

Eg) let’s give the fat ladies a chance, let us all go hogging.

6) Manicorn – The elusive perfect man who is charming, attractive, successful, and funny but he doesn’t exist.

Eg- I’m still single, still holding out for my manicorn.

7) Cupcake – To stay home romancing with your lover rather than going out.

Eg- We had planned a dinner out for valentines, but we just cupcaked.

8) Up one’s butt- Being obsessed with another person and always being glued.

Eg – She’s totally up James butt these days.

9) Whipped – Extremely obedient and being true to your partner.

Eg – His girlfriend has him whipped.

10) Bugaboo – An annoying person especially one making unwanted sexual advances.

Eg- That bugaboo keeps texting me all day long.

Enjoy the lesson!



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  • I liked your teaching way….that’s very nice…Thanks

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