10 Teenage Secrets teenagers will never tell you.

It’s always been tough to be a teenager. For today’s teens, it’s even tougher. Social media has teens living their lives out online for everyone to see — friends and family as well as their enemies and bullies. All too often, when problems arise, teens hold everything inside instead of reaching out for help. They think no one could possibly understand what they are going through. They feel alone, isolated and sometimes abandoned. They feel like they have no one they can talk to when they regret making the wrong decision or do the wrong thing. In this English lesson, Ceema brings you some of the teenage secrets that teens would never tell you. This English lesson would help you practice English listening and expand your vocabulary to talk about teenage secrets in English conversations. This spoken English lesson could prove as a great conversation starter.

1. Unauthorized usage of vehicles.

They drive Dad’s motorbike or car without his approval. When they meet with a minor accident and the vehicle gets damaged, They just say “I found it lying like that in a parking lot”.

2. Hiding real ambitions

There’s so much pressure on the teenagers to become engineers or doctors. They want to become an air-hostess or an athlete but find it tough to discuss it with my parents.

3. Watching porn films

Teenagers often watch porn films at their friends’ places or flip through adult
magazines when their parents are not home. A lot of porn is also available on the Internet and some of the teenagers download short clips onto their mobiles.

4. Not revealing fights

sometimes teenagers fight with their friends,  but there’s a mutual understanding that they won’t let their parents know. And, usually, they sort out the differences themselves.

5. Practicing bad hygiene

To avoid bathing during the winter. They just go into the bathroom, wet their feet, face and hair, spray some deodorant and exclaim how cold the water was!

6. Keeping financial secrets

Some of the teenagers have taken up part-time jobs to meet their expenses, but they don’t tell their parents about it so that their pocket money is not reduced.

7. Memorizing phone numbers

They memorize the phone numbers of their friends whom their parents do not approve of so that their names don’t blink on their mobile phone.

8. Drug / Alcohol. Sexual abuse

Some of them get stuck with friends from whom they learn to smoke, drink, splurge, and other vices. They get entangled with a group and become addicted to the abuses.

9. Damaging property

while playing football or any other indoor games with their siblings, they break things, for example, a flowerpot. They throw the broken pieces into a vacant, adjacent plot
without my parents knowing.

10. Cheating on studies

Homework is often a team effort. They divide homework between friends so it becomes easier to finish it on time. At times, they also convince one of the studious fellows of their class to part with his homework and then copy it.


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