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To speak English fluently and confidently you always need to learn new English phrases and expand your vocabulary. This Advanced English Lesson will help you learn new Vocabulary and phrases to wish someone Good Luck. Just saying Good Luck is not enough, sometimes you need to be more expressive based on the situation. Learn these English phrases to encourage someone and use them in your daily English conversation. This English speaking lesson is also ideal for beginner in English who wish to improve their English level and speak English with confidence.

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Complete Lessons Transcript:

Hello everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me, Meera. What are we going to learn today? Well today we’re going to learn ‘how to wish people good luck’ and simply cheer them up make them do their best or make them perform in a way that they would have not thought of before going on stage probably. You know in the first place there’s the reason why I really like cheering someone up even if they’re just down, well not for a particular test or an interview but just to cheer them up. I really like doing that to people because that really boosts someone’s confidence and wishing someone good luck the right way does the job so much better. I am Telling You that there have been times where just, just a simple good luck and that too in a very, very creative way has made my day and I have cracked really difficult interviews at one point of time and that is when I thought that hey let’s study this in our English class today, right? So are you guys ready for it? Great by the way there is one quick tip for you as in when we go forward you will realize that there are a lot of different words in set of combinations which are not regular in grammar, right? But they are actually recognized by Google voice recognition, so you can actually try it someday and you would realize that Google is now recognizing these weird combination of Spelling’s and alphabets and words altogether.

Okay let’s quickly get started, all right the first way to wish someone good luck is hey ‘fly high’. What does this mean? I’m actually trying to tell the person that don’t limit yourself to anything just think that sky is the limit the possibilities are huge and just go for it and you are lucky today and you will get what you want okay and what you’ve been preparing for. So fly high is just you know trying to reach the sky, okay? So it’s limitless, right? Sky high of course you can message this to someone you can call someone and boost the energy cheer them up believe me they would do if nothing 50% they would give in more than what they were before you wishing them good luck.

Okay, let’s look at the next one guys the next one is ‘shine on’. Well this particularly comes from you know diamonds or things that really shine and glow that steal people’s heart that make others just get attracted towards something shiny doesn’t that happen to you guys as well, that you see something shining you’re like, oh! So your attention is immediately, immediately goes towards something shiny, right? Something that is bright so when you wish someone good luck you can always say, hey ‘shine on’. Which means glow and be bright so much that the attention is focused on you and nobody else around you, right? So shine on means bright, you know glow, and be the best among the others and be the most attractive amongst, amongst the others around you. Maybe for interview or may just before some campus competitions, you never know but this will definitely work.

Okay, now the next one is ‘blow them away’. This particular this one particularly I find it’s very interesting because you’re actually wishing someone by asking them to blow others away. Not literally of course but to blow someone’s minds and you are like when you perform, people in front of you who like, Wow! This is fantastic. He or she took my breath away. Probably at an interview you give such a witty answer that everyone is super impressed and you’ve blown their minds off. That’s another way to wish someone good luck it’s really in its really happy, it, it’s very peppy, it does its job really well. So blowing some, blowing them away it’s something which is breathtaking, okay? All right so remember this to wish someone good luck the next time, okay? Whether it’s a stage performance or whether it’s a test doesn’t matter.

Okay then, ‘get the game face on’. Have you ever seen sportsmen or people who go to the gym or people who are out there achieving specially when it comes to physical activity, they have a very, very firm and a sturdy and a serious face which is supremely focused towards the winning goal and that’s the literal meaning of this wish or this good luck wish or charm. To get the game face on, that you start thinking in the most focused manner that the only thing you can see in front of you is victory and is the game that you’re going to win, okay? So get the game face on actually means win or being focused, okay? This too really helps guys especially when it comes to physical activities, okay? Such as sports for example, okay?

Moving on, ‘fun to do the impossible’. This one was recently sent to me by a friend of mine when I was going to perform on stage, right? So that was the, the performance that I was about to do was something that I’ve never done before it was out of my comfort zone and I, I just get this message right before I go onstage, it says that hey go for it, it’s fun to do the impossible and it was so nice it cheered me up it was such a quick pep talk by someone and that friend of mine knew that hey I know it’s impossible you’re doing something very difficult but you love it and you know that it’s fun. So go for it and get it and just do it. Okay so fun to do the impossible is just, just simply means you know do the, do what you have to do and do what you love, okay? So there’s no particular meaning but definitely something that has attracted me in the recent most times.

Okay quickly moving on to the next one guys, ‘show them who’s the bawse’. Now obviously you might think that, hey Meera ma’am you have, the spelling is quite not correct. It’s actually b-o-s-s. But let me tell you guys, this is a very, very slang version of saying boss and the pronunciation too is really, really hep and it goes, it goes bawse, right? With the b-a-w-s-e. You know it simply means go get them and show them who’s the boss. Don’t think of, don’t think any less of yourself. You are good. You have been working hard towards this. Don’t think of anything else, no matter what they ask you, don’t worry, you have prepared for it, you’ve, you’ve done your hard work, it’s time to shine. Just go there with a smile probably and just take their breaths off and show them that you are no less, you too are equally good, okay? So this just means equally good and hardworking as well.

Moving on from here we have something called as, ‘Godspeed’. Well this is a very, very it’s an American way of wishing someone good luck especially when it comes to someone who’s you know taking up on a new journey, whether it’s shifting jobs, right from one stream to another or someone who’s shifting from one country to another, right? So Godspeed actually means wishing someone good luck especially when that person is going on a new journey. Make sure that the next time you find your friend who tells you that I’m moving out of the city or I’m going, I’m going on a different path when it comes to my career, just send them, ‘Godspeed’, you would do it. Don’t worry about it, okay?

Then next is ‘break a leg’. Well this actually it’s an ironic way of wishing someone good luck by saying by asking someone to break something. Well that’s not what it actually means, it usually is said for is wished for people who are going to go on stage and performing probably musicians or dancers, that’s how it started originally you know. So you can use this for someone who are going to go on stage who are performers, stage performers, okay? Of course that doesn’t mean you have to just restrict yourself to stage performers, you can always wish anybody good luck by saying go break the leg that means go do what you have to do and you will do well in it and you would fare well in it, okay?

Moving on from here we have ‘get them’. Though, I think this one has been existing ever since I have known. It just means that hey you know what just speed up, just run like a you know like, like be as, as fast as the light and just go get them hard and make sure that you, you get what you wanted. You go for the go and you get it back home. That’s simply that’s just what it means, that that’s what get them actually means, alright?

And the last one that I have is according to me something that can boost someone’s energy on anybody’s energy so much that they will actually end up getting what they wanted 100%, ‘you are it’ full stop. Do not forget the full stop, because I think it makes the whole sentence so much more stronger. You are telling someone that hey you know what, don’t be worried about anything, don’t think of anything. Your, my luck is with you and you have worked hard for it. You are it. There’s no competition it’s just you and the kind of luck or the kind of boost that this sentence can give someone, is really priceless it can make someone feel ace, ace as in victorious or the best of them all, right? So you can always use this. This means that the person is ace, okay? This means that person can do whatever he or she has decided to do.

Alright guys, that’s all for today, but do not forget to wish people good luck for their new journey, for their performances, probably the interviews or their test, no matter what you want to do make sure that you use most innovative and creative way to wish your friends, family, acquaintances, new ones good luck. Well that’s all for today but no worries I will be coming back very soon, right here with a new and interesting lesson. Until then guys make sure that your practice, make sure that you smile, spread a lot of love, this is me Meera signing off for the day, bye.

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