12 English Slang Words That Would Surprise You! 😳 Slang Expressions & Phrases

The use of slang words in English is quite among teenagers, they keep figuring out new slang expressions and phrases that surprise many beginners in English. This English vocabulary lesson with Niharika would teach you some common teen English slang words use by the youngsters.

Some these English expressions are amazing to use in your daily English conversations, these all are informal English expressions and stay away from using them in formal English speaking. These are mostly American English slang words but some of them are British slang words that are fun to use.

BAE -Before anyone else
Used to describe someone who is very close to you, someone like a best friend.
Example: I am catching up with my BAE this evening, we are gonna have so much fun.

THOT – That HO’ out there
HO’ means a prostitute, this phrases is to point out at someone whom you dislike a lot. (avoid using it)
Example: Thot… I just can’t stand here.

FAM – A short word for ‘Family’
Example: Sorry, i can’t stay back, i need to be back home for a Fam Jam.
Fam JAm – A family get together/ dinner

Sorry, Not Sorry –  You are not sorry for what you did
Example: Sorry, Not sorry, I would do that again if I would get a chance.

Turn up  or TUUP – To attend some event or party
Example: Ron’s throwing a great party this weekend, make sure you tuup.

Turn up  or TUUP – To attend some event or party
Example: Ron’s throwing a great party this weekend, make sure you tuup.

Killing it – To say you are doing a awesome job 
Example: Did you see John at the soccer field, he just killed it.

Throwing Shade – To single out someone to correct them. 
Example: My class teacher threw shade at me because I couldn’t complete the entire homework.

YAAAAS – An excited way to say ‘Yes’
Example: Oh My God! This pasta… yaaas… It’s just amazing.

Is That A Thing – To confirm if something is happening
Example: I heard something about Miley, she’s getting back with her EX, Is that a thing?

Can I Get An Amen! – Asking for apprection for what you mentioned
Example: David is taking me out for a drive in his fancy new car, can I get an Amen!

Am I Right Ladies? – A dramatic way to confirm, you are saying the truth.
Example: I had the hottest date tonight, Am I right ladies?




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