12 idioms to describe the character of a person.

In this lesson, Ceema tell you about different characters of people with idiomatic expressions. There are people who are fun to be with, some may be boring and some are humble. You can use different idioms to talk about characters of people.

  1. Arm chair critic: There are a lot of people who love criticizing all the time. So, imagine a person sitting on an armchair and passing comments, and doesn’t help at all.
  2. Busy body: There some people who are genuine and some who are busy interfering in other people’s lives. So, a busy body is someone who interferes in other’s lives and want to know everything about everyone.
  3. Cheapskate: is someone, who hates to spend money when it is actually required. In simple terms, they are called stingy people.
  4. Worrywart: is someone who worries all the time. They are anxious all the time and keep worrying about everything.
  5. Down to earth: such people are very realistic and sensible. They are humble and have a lot of humility. They are the nicest people to be with.
  6. Behind the times: A person who is very old fashioned is referred to as someone who is behind the times. They won’t adopt to new ways as they are very rigid.
  7. Go-getter: someone who is very energetic and ambitious. Once they decide to achieve something, they go out there and get it.
  8. Know it all: it is a sarcastic idiom used to say that someone is over smart.  They are also called smart alec. These people have a fixed mindset and don’t want to listen to anyone.
  9. Set in one’s ways: these are stubborn people. You tell them many times to do something, but they just don’t change. They will do exactly what they want to do and the way in which they want to do it.
  10. Slime ball: is a very disgusting person and someone who deserves to be hated.
  11. A party pooper: people who spoil the fun in a party are called party pooper. They spoil the fun with their negative attitude and actions. A person who gets drunk and breaks into a fight at a party, is a party pooper as he ruins the fun.
  12. A social butterfly: is a person who loves to talk or socialize with several people. They are extroverts and not inhibited to speak to new people around. They flit from one person to another, just as a butterfly flits from one flower to another.


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