13 words that create a ‘Bad Impression’ about you. ERASE THEM NOW!

In this Skillopedia session today we are going to look at words ……Words can shape our thoughts and help determine our actions. It’s been said that you can tell how much money someone makes from the first 3 minutes of speaking with them. How’s that possible? It’s all in the language and words they use. This means that there are words that you should eliminate from your vocabulary so that you can remain upbeat and positive. Taking these words out of your English vocabulary can really change how you feel. So if you want to improve yourself, since most of the words that you use regularly can really have a big impact on your ability to motivate yourself. In this Skillopedia video by Niharika we will have a look at these English words that you need to get rid of immediately.

Here are a few words you should erase from your vocabulary, so they won’t make you feel smaller or weaker.

1. CAN’T
In my opinion, this is definitely the first of the words you should erase from your vocabulary if you want to feel stronger, empowered and more inspired. Replace this word is by saying “I want to learn how to do that.” You can do whatever you want if you work hard enough. Just eliminate this word from your vocabulary and see how much your life will change for the better.

This is another word you should completely forget about. Just replace it with opportunity and see how much your perspective on things will change. This word is just so heavy and it only makes us think about stress, difficulties or other negative things that may come to our minds. Problems can always be solved and things only become problems because we choose to see them that way.

It isn’t only a strong word, but a word that promotes negativity. Why focus on what’s going wrong with your day and life, when you can focus on what’s going right. Try saying “dislike” or “I prefer” instead of keep repeating how much you hate everything.

4. BUT..
When you use the word “but” it becomes a connector word that negates whatever was used before it. So for example, if you were to say “I really like Jenny BUT she’s such a problem in my life that I can’t deal with her.” it nullifies the positive statement before it. It leaves the impression in the mind of the listener that you don’t like Jenny at all. It has the exact opposite effect. If you were to say “I really like Jenny and it’s challenging for me to deal with her.”

5. Loser
Most of the time there isn’t a winner and a loser because all of us have something to learn from life. If someone has decided to live life the way that they want to, which may seem bizarre to you and others, you aren’t the judge of how and what they are meant to achieve. Have enough respect and consideration for people to let them live life the way they want, without them being fearful of labels and restrictions.

This is such an indefinite word that only suggests a lack of commitment! Don’t save things for special occasions or for when you think you’ll be ready! Every day is special, so take advantage of it and cherish every single moment!

7. TRY
Just replace it with “I will” and you’ll surely get a new perspective on things, you’ll feel more determined and stronger. The word “try” implies the possibility that things might not go as planned, so avoid it as much as possible and focus on achieving your goals without trying.

When you say maybe you give the impression of being unable to make a decision.
No one wants to be seen as wishy-washy, right?

9. UM…
People use the word, “um” while they’re thinking or can’t come up with the answer.
As a result, they look less than articulate and may even come across as not that smart. Try saying you need a moment to think or you will have to do a bit of research.

If you tell someone you’ll never get ahead, or you’ll never get a promotion – guess what? Your entire mindset changes and you actually trick yourself into believing such a horrible lie. Use less absolute words for better chances of success.

If you’re convinced something is impossible, where’s the motivation to give it a go?
Sure, things are hard and things take a lot of effort and time, but the best things do, right? Erase this nasty word from your vocabulary and replace it with, “anything is possible.”

Whether it’s at work or at home, giving people the “whenever” option is just giving them the chance to let you down. And that’s not good for you.

This word makes you sound indecisive, much like saying “I guess” does.
Try “I haven’t decided yet,” which lets people know you’re working on the decision, but need more time to think it through.

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