3 Body Language Hacks to be More LIKEABLE, CHARISMATIC & Attract People Like A Magnet

There are some people who are extremely attractive in what ever they do, they are more likeable and attract people like a magnet towards them. Their body language, communication skill, personality is difficult to ignore. Every one want to talk to them, be around them. What is that thing they have, that you don’t. Let’s discuss this today, Let’s understand 3 basic body language tricks that would teach you How to be charismatic, to be more attractive and liked by everyone around you. These body language tips would help you attract people like a magnet, would make you more socially accepted and talked about. These life skills would help you learn hand gestures used in Public speaking, getting rid of fake smile, and improve your self-confidence.

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Hello everyone, now I have a question for you, “are you one of those people who everyone gets instantly attracted to?” Or, “are you one of those people who everyone is kind of awkward or uncomfortable around?” For years I believed that what I said would attract people to me, I was so wrong now of course you must have good vocabulary but that’s not the whole package. Now pay close attention, because I’m here today to tell you something that you don’t know. People who are known to be charismatic, when they speak on stage or those who crack their interview or people who have a lot of people around them and everyone loves them they have one common secret. A secret that makes them instantly likeable. Yes! They give away some signals that make them attractive within the first five minutes of meeting them. So today I’m gonna show you three main things that make you instantly attractive. To know what they are, stay tuned with me and watch this complete video on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.

Now these little babies are very useful. Yes, is a known fact that the way your hands move or the right hand gestures show two things, ‘intention’ and ‘explanation’. Let me help you understand, if people who meet you instantly know what your intentions are and what you’re trying to exactly say, they will trust you and therefore like you more. You will therefore obviously end up being more charismatic. Now I have observed that people who are socially successful have a list of certain hand gestures that they always use. Okay so what’s all those gestures? First one is called the “emotional hand gesture”. So why is it called emotional? Okay when you feel strongly about something, make sure your hand gesture is near the chest or somewhere around the heart. So in an interview you can say, “I am deeply passionate about working with children.” Or if you are going to be on stage and give a moving speech you can say something like, “now this story I’m gonna tell you means so much to me.” See? A simple hand gesture but the person in front of you is going like, “wow! She is passionate about what she is talking about and she is definitely quite sincere about what she is saying.” So guys remember use the emotional hand gesture to convey authenticity. Now when you are talking you always want to explain concepts, right? So it’s important to use what I call the ‘compare and contrast approach’ and then make your point. So there’s a gesture for that. Let’s see for example if I am talking about two things one is listening one is speaking in English to become fluent I will say it like this, “now listening is important because you get to understand the different sounds used in English words however, speaking in English also makes you accustomed to using the right language in any situation so that’s why we need both to become fluent English speakers.” What have I done? One hand talks about a certain point that I was trying to make and then the other hand was also making another point but then what did I do, I kind of joined both these ideas and brought them together to make people understand my final concept. In meetings at your workplace and places where important decisions are made you will see top level leaders always use these hand gestures very often now sometimes we have to explain things in terms of increase or decrease you know like growth or decline so to explain both this is how you do it you can say there has been a major increase in our supply this year however our demand is on the decline. Also please remember that when you are talking about numbers within five, it’s a great idea to actually show them like this like number two or number three so you can say yes it took us nearly three years to finally come out with this product. Actually when you make gestures like these to show increase or decrease or numbers like a three or a four people remember you, they understand you and they definitely give you attention. Now this is my favourite one because it is what I call the “we” gesture. The we gesture shows unity it shows that the people listening you are involved in what you’re saying to them and that makes them feel loved it makes them feel important so you can say something like this, “we as a team can make all the difference.” As you can see it’s an outwardly gesture which shows that you are friendly and likeable and very approachable and that makes you very attractive to people. Now I know that pointing has been considered to be rude but I don’t quite believe that’s totally true. Sometimes when you want to make a very strong point and want people to give their immediate attention to you, you can point. However to make it seem a little less aggressive you can try pointing with your hand open like this so I can say something like this you need to have true love and passion for your job if you want to make it a successful career or you can say you have the capability to do whatever you set your heart upon, see I’m drawing your attention without really pointing with my finger and coming all in your face if you know what I really mean. So guys remember use the pointing gesture but don’t make it look too aggressive. Of course at the end of everything I want to make sure and you want to make sure that hand gestures should look genuine, which means that your hand gestures whatever they may be they should match your words, okay? So don’t use too many hand gestures either, because that may confuse people and think that you are a little weird, okay? So use hand gestures but use them appropriately.

Now along with hand gestures the quality of your voice is so important. Back in the early days of my career I was told that if people like your voice they will be instantly attracted to you. So what’s a good voice? Well a good voice is one which is energetic. So instead of saying I’m a data analyst you can be a little bit more upbeat about it and say I am a data analyst. Now depending on your message it’s also important to change the tone and the pitch of your voice so if you are talking about something exciting you can say it like this, digital media is booming like nothing you’ve ever seen and it’s here to stay. But sometimes you need to have a sober voice when talking about routine things or when giving instructions for day-to-day tasks that’s when you can sound something like this this switch right here will help you get to the doorway on the left and that’s where you make an exit. So you see guys vocal variety as you can see also shows your real intention and makes people remember you and definitely makes people want to be with you and be around you.

Now I know everyone has heard about the power of a smile and that it’s kind of getting a little too cliché to even talk about it. The truth is that sometimes we don’t even know that we are not smiling or that our smile looks quite fake and as if it’s plastered on our faces. My first presentation I remember was around 10 years ago and after it was done a friend told me hey Ceema I liked your content but why were you so nervous. Can you believe that? I actually thought I was smiling and being pleasant throughout my talk but I was actually giving away a really nervous smile. So guys if you want to make sure your smile is genuine here’s what you should do, first you need to try to make sure you loosen your jaw okay, so just make sure you kind of just losing it out here okay and then breathe deep and once you do that your facial muscles will be relaxed enough to give the best smile you possibly can. All right guys thanks for watching go ahead and make the best first impression by making yourself likeable and instantly attractive in less than 5 minutes and before you go please like the video subscribe to our Channel and send me comments about how this worked for you and do not forget to press the bell icon. I’ll see you with some more videos until then this is me saying ta-ta.

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