5 qualities to become the most wanted employee.

 Hey, subscribers, it’s time to learn some new skills and improve your personality and communication skills. Here’s another video from the Skillopedia bucket. This video talk about essential skills every employee must have to be a success at work and become the asset to the organisation. Want to be known as a good employee? Want to be an inspiration to your colleagues then I suggest you avoid certain things at work because certain behaviours can be damaging to your image at work. If you behave properly and maintain good conduct .. you will earn the trust of every person you work. Today we will discuss the things that good employees avoid doing at work

 Gossip is a no.

 It can be very tempting to discuss others at work, the behaviour of colleagues, their habits, personality, dress sense .. but really is that necessary? Is it going to create value? I do t think so. You must avoid gossip at any cost. Gossip is waste of time. It’s productive, it can lead to conflict and gives people a bad impression of you.

 Avoid getting defensive

 It’s easy to get defensive when you are given feedback or get angry or get annoyed but that does not lead to a resolution of the matter. If you receive feedback to take it constructively .. try to work on it. If you don’t think the feedback is correct still do not get defensive .. try to make the changes that are asked of you and if you still receive the same feedback again and again ..politely put forward your point of view ..Humility and hard work should be your motto not defensiveness .let your work speak for itself, not your justification.

 Avoid complaining

 Complaining and cribbing show a weak personality and a sensitive ego that is easily hurt. Complaining is bad for your health and your career. Those employees who command respect never do it. Complaining creates negativity and spoils the work environment.. if you are a chronic complainer then you will lose the respect of your colleagues and they may even avoid you. Each time one can’t receive accolades and praise.. there are times when we are given tough tasks and criticism but you have to learn to roll with the punches .. don’t stoop down to complaining, make yourself stronger.

 Avoid being selfish. Be contributive –

 Good employees take on responsibility not just for their job but also for their team and the betterment of their company. Good employees don’t act selfish .. they contribute always even if it’s not their direct responsibility. They are driven by the need to create value in whatever way they can .they don’t ever say ” that’s not my job ” yet at the same time if they are unfairly overburdened by other people’s work they politely refuse!

 Avoid aggression

 Good employees don’t lose their cool, they don’t get aggressive and have outbursts. You won’t hear about them storming out of a meeting. No phone slamming. No destroying someone’s good name. No finger pointing. No shouting. And yes no abusing.

Patience is hard, takes practice but still, it matters the most, mutual respect and dignified conduct will make you a good employee.

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