5 Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men | How To Impress Any Girl And Show Her Your Are Worth Her Trust & Love?

Reading a girl’s mind is difficult. Most men don’t understand what would impress women and show them you are worth their trust and love. This video would help you understand the qualities that women look for in Men. Finding a perfect partner is not an easy task and sometimes it feels maintaining a healthy connection over long-term isn’t that easy. Most men out their try to impress girls with material things, but it’s not what every girl out there is looking for. Any relationship is built on some basic and down-to-earth qualities, that’s what I would love to discuss today.

Complete Video Transcript : –

Hello everyone, thanks for clicking and welcome back to a new lesson with me, I’m Niharika and you are watching this session on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Well, you know the other day I was watching some TV and I came across some commercial where a guy wears a strong perfume and suddenly all the women flock around him… and then there was another commercial where this macho guy drives a really fancy car to impress his girl… Looking at all this I realise that how obsessed our culture is about wanting to impress the right kind of women. Well I guess that should really make us happy, right? All the women happy about it… Well guys we appreciate all the efforts that you put in but the only problem is, whatever you on the television, well, that’s not the right thing, yes… that’s not what women exactly want. In reality what we really want is just so different. So, that’s true, we don’t really care about fancy cars, strong muscles, amazing body… well, that’s what people believe, but I’m sorry to say, that’s not what we want. So if you want to find out, ‘what a woman really wants?’ well, here are some things that will help you out… First and foremost, “Honesty” women, as many as you know, are different but they want their man should be honest, yes! The security comes first. And believe me they are secured in a man who is open and honest. Yes! We want men who are real, real with their strengths, real with their weaknesses, real about their struggles, honest about their hopes and dreams and even their fears, this is what impresses a woman. When men are open and very real about it, we know whom we are with. And there’s nothing more sexier than that. So guys we aren’t looking for this ‘Mr. Perfect’, we are looking for ‘Mr. Real’. Here’s the next thing that women are really impressed about, “strength”, real strength that we actually look in a man is the strength of mind, their heart and spirit. Well this comes from a man who has firm beliefs about what is right and he will always stand his grounds when something goes bad. Now this kind of a man knows wrong from right and will also have the strength to confess if he has done something wrong. Well trust me these kind of men are super impressive. This man is very stable in what he says and does which of course makes us feel really secure than ever. So all you guys out there, don’t just work on your muscles, well yes, you can, go to the gym, you look great, but yes, please work on your inner strength as well. Well, here’s my favourite one, “Compassion”, in a world where we see so much of hatred and coldness, compassion comes as a wonderful thing. Nothing moves a human being more than compassion. Compassion in everything, be it people, be it for his friends, be it for situations and just be it in life in general. A real man will be moved when things are not right around him. You know he will be moved enough to make those positive changes that his situation really works out great for him and this is super impressive for women. You know, these kind of men will go out of their way to overcome any weaknesses and they will definitely want the healing restoration in a great way. So there’s a solution for everything when it comes to a man being compassionate. Here’s the next one, that’s “humility”, yes… there’s so much talk about the swag, men wanting to show off their fancy cars, their huge mansions and their even bigger bank accounts… but what I really think is that such guys just end up showing their huge egos, yes. Personally I am pretty turned off, when a guy is all about himself, bragging about himself… not impressive. Guy, who walks in humility, is totally different. He’s a very humble guy who doesn’t need to talk about himself, his life, the way he is… just about everything. Now the important thing is, this kind of a guy actually listens, yes! He doesn’t pretend. You know those braggers will always talk about themselves and when you are trying to say something, they hardly care, they don’t even bother. But the men who have humility, well they are very easy going people, they listen to their women and they really care about their women. So guys, please stop with the swag, humility is everything. Another one is “one woman guy”, yes… all the movies, all the commercials and our society in general has made us believe in stereotypes, well they always show men wanting to be with multiple women, oh yes, you go on a date with a lady on a Saturday night and you spend your Sunday brunch with someone else, oh come on! We women are emotional creatures, I can’t tell you how wrong these beliefs are… You know these days women just expect their men to fall prey to lust or cheating in relationships, and men think that hey, it’s pretty normal, I know it’s true that we live in a world full of sexual temptation, but if you want a fine woman, the woman who respects you, the woman who’s always gonna stand by you no matter what, then yes, you can only respect and honour her if you say no to any other temptations, no matter how strong it is. As you can see, women want a man who has his eyes only for her and no one else. And trust me your woman will be the same for you. So all the men out there, well thank you for watching me here today, to all you out, well I would just like to say that you don’t have to be perfect, you know you don’t have to try so hard, even if you just have like one or two qualities that I just mentioned, well there are some wonderful women waiting for you out there. So to make you a better person, just follow one of these qualities and even more if you can so that the women in our society are highly impressed with you and they would love to settle down for you. I’ll be back with some more interesting sessions, till then you take care and have a great day.

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