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5 ways to say “I Quit”.

Finished watching the video, now its time to take a test.

The meaning of ‘ditch’ is


‘To Cease’ means


‘To Discontinue’ is


‘To give up ‘means


‘Come to a standstill ‘is


During the war, the soldiers were asked to


Marc has _______ business with John


After the Bomb blast, the trains ________ 


I used to play football, but now I have ____________ playing.


Everyone was shocked when Anthony _______________ his fiancé before their wedding.


Question 1 of 10

To Give up –

To stop doing something that you do regularly
Example : His wife finally persuaded him to give up smoking.

To ditch –

(verb) to break plans with someone without telling them.
Example : Tammy is mad at her boyfriend because he was always ditching her to meet his friends.

Come to a standstill-

To slow down and finally stop
Example : As the strike began, the production line came to a standstill.

To Discontinue –

To put an end to; stop; terminate doing something.
Example : Mary discontinued her visits to the museum

To cease –

To put an end to something
Example : We worked without cease to get the project finished on time.

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