7 Inspiring Life Lessons I Learned By Riding A Cycle

Staying motivated and inspired in life is what I always aim for. I constantly keep looking ways for self-improvement and personality development that would help me learn some essential life skills and stay amazed in my life to come. In this Skillopedia session with me, Niharika I will throw light on some inspiring life skills and lessons, I learned through my cycling trips – Being Patient, Increasing confidence, Time management, Balancing Life, Revealing my true character, Feeling Powerful, Being Graceful, Achieving Freedom and Adventure in life. Truly, my cycle has taught me so many things. Watch this complete video as I share my personal thoughts. 

This video was filmed in the beautiful Auckland, New Zealand and is part of our English unplugged series. To watch more videos from this series, follow this link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb8aF4Hp0gQ&list=PL4BuO6UgthvhBSnlvoMe_A-Bo4gveK9IZ

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Complete Video Transcript: –

Hey everyone, welcome to a new session you are with me Niharika and you are watching me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Well life is all about balancing, right? Just how you ride your bicycle. Well it’s important for you to balance it right. I totally enjoy riding and I just got back from my ride, so a little tired but yes I am here to help you with a very interesting session. It’s about the seven joys that I have learnt from riding my bicycle. What are these? How it has changed my life, well that’s what we are gonna look at in today’s session on Skillopedia. So stay tuned with me.

So here are the lessons that cycling actually taught me. First one is patience. Now creating a good habit of cycling does not actually come so easily. I mean like every habit there is a lot of trial and error and that’s how you learn. I mean you fall, then you try again and then you fail again and then you get up again, I mean it just goes on and on and it just seems that it’s taking forever. But that’s okay! I mean anything that’s worth it, well its worth trying right? So this is what cycling taught me. So as you can see that cycling actually taught me patience, it showed me that good things really take time. But these are the things which are totally worth it. So in same manner if in life you are trying to achieve something, remember it will take time and that’s what patience is all about.

The next one that I learnt was increase confidence. Yes I mean cycling has increased my confidence big time. I feel really confident on my ride. I mean every morning when I wake up, I go on my rides, I just feel that I can achieve everything. I can complete any kind of ride. Be it crazy steep climbs or be it dangerous descents, or just trying to balance myself. I mean I totally love it. Now this gives me huge boost to my self-esteem and of course it helps me to achieve a lot. I mean it gives me a feeling pride an accomplishment. If I can ride confidently, of course I am gonna accomplish my destination, right? I am gonna get there. So that’s what cycling actually taught me. It has made me more confident.

What’s the next thing? Well time management. I was so bad at managing time. But guess what, cycling has actually helped me to manage my time really well. Back in college, I mean I’ll be honest, I felt like time would just be there for me and I just took it for granted. I would never accomplished what I had to I could never finish my projects on time and one day my friend say, “Hey, why don’t we start riding cycle?” And I was like, “Okay, let’s do it, let’s try it.” Well trust me, after that every morning I used to wake up and I used to go for my ride for about an hour, I just felt so fresh and this helped me to manage my time really well. I mean my daily schedule was updated every single morning because I used to wake up early, I used to feel really refreshed after my ride and then I used to plan my day very well. So this also helped me to be productive. I mean, if you want to be productive, you need to manage your time well, right? If you have no sense of time, if you just take every single day for granted, you are not gonna accomplish things. So if you wanna be more productive, well you got to start managing your time really well. And that’s what this little baby actually taught me.

The next thing that I learnt was it reveals my character. Just like any sport, I mean cycling has also helped me to reveal my character. I mean it just shows that how different I am as a person. It helps me to understand myself really better. There was a time when I used to actually ask questions to myself, yes when I used to be like on a steep climb and I used to just sit, I used to ask questions to myself, any self-doubs that I had about myself, I used to answer them. I used to wonder if there’s someone to actually help the along the way. But hey guess what, there was nobody, it was just me, I had no help, I had no support when I used to ride my cycle, so what I used to do is ask myself try and try till I succeed and this is how I actually revealed my character. Now I know what kind of a person I am and what kind of a character I have. SO in a way I have been able to actually work on my personal growth. And how this happened? Well thanks to my hobby of cycling.

Well here’s the next thing, it makes me powerful. When I am on the bike, I honestly feel so powerful. I mean every time I go faster and faster and every stroke of the pedal, I feel like I am getting on something new and that’s really exciting for me. I mean something new, something better, oh yes! I feel powerful about it. It just makes you feel in control of your destiny. At least for that one moment. Yes! I mean when you are riding you cycle and imagine you can control your destiny, oh my god, what feeling is that? A sense of feeling that’s so powerful does wonders to your state of mind. That’s what cycling has done to me. I mean cycling for me is a wonderful way to attain that feeling. It just makes me feel so amazing.

The next one is, it makes me graceful. Now every sport requires grace, some kind of a grace and this grace comes over time and constant practice. Now since I have made cycling a daily habit, I now can concentrate on doing it with grace. I mean, come on, now I can ride it effortlessly, right? So to make it look effortless, even though it takes a lot of strength and power, I mean I tell you guys, it’s not easy but this grace is something I have now tried to even use it in other tasks. So it’s not just cycling, I mean anything that you perform, you need to perform with grace. And at the end of the day, you must do things and do them amazingly well, right? So that’s what cycling has taught me.

Here’s another lesson that I have learnt, that’s freedom and adventure. Now when you sit on that bike, you never know how the weather will be, right? I mean it can be really cold, it can be really sunny, I mean it could be a sunny day with the wind in your face and just not able to ride it. Well or it might just rain and you will get completely drenched riding the cycle. Now you can take that bike and go anywhere, anytime, you choose. It’s like an adventure that you are going on every single day. Of course it also gives you freedom from the usual modes of transport, right? I mean, you don’t have to go, get into that car and get stuck in traffic. I mean that’s really annoying these days, right? I mean, we all stuck for hours in traffic. So it definitely helps you to beat the traffic and the usual boredom of commuting. Having a sense of freedom and adventure, always makes an exciting and interesting life. So guys this is what I have learnt. So that’s what cycling has actually done for me. These are the things I totally cherish in my life. I hope that you also after watching this session specially you also start cycling and trust me it’s gonna be a big change for you.

So thank you so much for watching this. I really hope that you would enjoy the ride of this session as much as I did sharing it with you. Now please let me know if have any other hobbies that inspires you as much as cycling does for me. I will be back with some more interesting lessons for you but before I go, please like this video and do subscribe Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. And of course press the bell icon for regular updates of many such interesting videos. I will see you soon and this is me signing off. Goodbye.

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