7 Quick & Easy ways to Make Someone Happy

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Well making others happy is one of the best ways to have a great day, right? Do you agree with me on this? Yeah of course you do. Well, it can definitely brighten the world around you. Maybe you’re trying to cheer up your sad friend or you’re trying to express your feelings for your loved ones or maybe you are planning to greet your beloved on their birthday. Wow, so whether you’re in a new relationship or a matured one, may be a male or a female, friends or relatives, young or old, they all aspire to feel appreciated and special, right? It just means so much for them. So how do you do that? How do you make someone feel special? Well in this session today, I’m gonna help you with some fun and simple ways to do that. So let’s make the world a happier one.

Complement A Smile With A Warm Hug

So what’s the first thing that you can do to make someone feel really special? Well, one of the simplest things, smile. Greeting your friends with a smile, not only makes your friend happy but it also makes you look beautiful, confident and positive. Well, a smile complemented with a huge, well that is also captivating and just throws away all the negative thoughts. An enthusiastic hug may really help in strengthening the bond. Yes, that’s true. This gesture will also let him or she know that you’re glad meeting them and you’re interested in talking to them. And what does it take to smile? Too much of an effort, right? No, it takes nothing to smile. So just stay optimistic and keep smiling.

Compliments Are Always Free

What’s the second thing that you can do? Well, compliment. If you are wondering how do you make someone happy? You should think of things you don’t need money for. One of the best ways to make someone happy is to give them an honest compliment that really works. There are a lot of positive things in life that are left unsaid. You should think of a compliment that is close to a person’s heart. You could also think about something you know, that they put a lot of effort into. For example, you have a colleague that you work with and who has been working out a lot these days. So what do you do? Well, you should say something nice about their figure. Something like, wow, look at you, you look great, you look so fit. Now just be honest in offering compliments or they will think that you are mocking them. So one of the easiest ways to make someone feel special, well compliment.

Encourage To Motivate

Well here’s the next thing that you can do, which is, to encourage someone. Actually this tip I have learnt from my best friend. He is always there for me. Highly motivating and encouraging. I can never have a dull moment when he is around. Yeah, that’s for him. now you know friends, the roads of this world can be sometimes be very difficult, rocky, harsh, stony and negative thoughts are very much a part of this journey. So help a friend who is struggling and dealing with the crazy times by positively encouraging and boosting him or her up. Well you may share your experiences which might just act as a boost for them. A good support in the form of a friend too can really make wonders in someone else’s lives. So why not do it? Just go ahead and encourage your friends.

Lend A Patient Ear

Well here’s the next thing that you can do to make someone feel really special. Well listen to that person. Always listen to your special ones. Try to know about their interests. About their hobbies, the places they like. Their opinions to certain things or to certain special events. Listen to their good and bad experiences. Well of course it takes a good deal of patience to hear someone’s heart out. But when a person shares his or her story with you, it means that they trust you with it. So lend them your ears while they speak or share something with you. By listening you definitely understand the person well and hence you can act accordingly, right so make sure that you listen to the others.

It’s Not The Gift, Thoughts Matter

Now here’s another thing that you can do. Well what is it? Something special, well gift something special to your friend. Oh, come on, like who doesn’t like gifts? Gifts are the best ways of enduring the bond of happiness, right? So it just takes the other person on cloud 9. Regardless of the gift, it’s just the thought and the intention that counts. Not only for the giver but also for the receiver. So choosing the right gift is also important. Well take time and think because the process of choosing a gift is always so much fun, it’s just so rejoicing. Now money can’t buy happiness unless it is spent on others. So show your love through actions. Make something creative like may be a greeting card, may be a wall hanging the picture or something just so personal and make sure you put in a note, that hey this is just for you. Oh my god, if the person receives something like that, like especially me if I receive something, I’m gonna feel so special about it. So yes, the next time you wanna make someone feel really special, go ahead buy something and like I said, it’s just the thought that matters, so go ahead and gift someone something special.

Wear The Apron & Cook

So here’s another thing that you can do for your loved ones. Well you can cook for them. Whatever is your talent, employ it to create something different, something extraordinary. Now if you can cook, invite your loved ones for a home cooked dinner or lunch. Maybe you can cook their favourite dishes and food items at home. Especially if they’re having a really bad day or you can send them an invite for tea or coffee may be with your own baked treats. Just in case if you are not able to cook, well just call for food, right? Or gift them a box of chocolates on the grumpy days. Now, this gesture makes the other person feel really special. Meeting over for such meals, it just strengthens the bond between two people. And if you live with your loved ones, well let them wake up with a surprise. Breakfast in bed, wherein you wake up early to make some breakfast just to see you loved on wake up with a smile. Aww… isn’t that sweet? So go ahead and cook something special for your loved ones.

Open The Closed Gates Of Connectivity

And here’s the last thing that you can do to make someone feel really special. Well, stay connected. Now we all well aware of this amazing development that social media has made. Yes, they have really enjoyed the limelight. Various social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Whats app, well they have really opened the closed gates of connectivity. Do you agree on that? Well this has made connecting with people so much easier at such low cost. People around the world can interact on the same platform. Keeping in touch with those living far away from you, well it just makes them feel heavenly and unique. Now though this is a virtual world who says it, that you cannot make a real world a better place? So just a simple text to check on how they are doing or may be commenting or liking on their pictures, that they post on these social networking sites, well that will definitely bring a smile on their face. So what are you waiting for? Just go online and start liking and commenting right now, right?

So well it brings me to the end of this session today. Well the truth is, that today’s society isn’t used to having you know very kind people around. And as a result people will really appreciate what you are trying to do and they’ll be nice to you in return as well. So what are you waiting for? Well hope these tips are really useful to you, just choose your favourite one and go ahead make others smile and till then I’ll be back soon with a new session for you. Do not forget to subscribe to Skillopedia, well your place to learn skills for the real world.

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