8 English Idioms To Describe Personality & Character 😂😭😈👻

You might be familiar with some adjectives to describe people. In today’s English speaking lesson let’s have a look at some English expressions and Idioms to describe someone’s personality and character. Some of these expressions you might have heard, maybe one or two and I am sure you must have come across some people who are a perfect match to the expressions I have discussed in this lesson. Use these interesting idiomatic phrases to describe them. These phrases would help you improve your English and help you increase your English fluency and become a fluent English speaker.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

What kind of a person are you? Are you always happy like me? Or are you always complaining and crying about certain things? We are going to find out that in this lesson. Yes we are going to analyse your personality and not only that; you will also learn some interesting idioms that you can use to talk about your personality type. So stay with me. My name is Michelle and let’s start with the first phrase here.

Cry baby. What do you think this phrase might be? Does it talk about a person who is happy? No it talks about a person, who is sad or maybe crying. We are not just talking about crying with tears. We are also talking about complaining here, yes that’s the focus. So if you know a person, who is always complaining then you can of course use this idiom for them that they are or he or she is a cry baby. And if you’re also scared about not complaining at your work place. Maybe you feel that you are a cry baby, you will be looked upon as a cry baby then you can talk about it to your friends also that I don’t want to keep complaining, because I don’t want to be looked upon as a cry baby. So please refrain from complaining too much. Complaining here.

Here we are at the next phrase.Barrel of laugh.What is barrel? It’s here for you, this is a barrel, yes it’s like a container inside which there is something. But for this case, what is inside that barrel? There is laughter; yes it talks about a person who is very, very funny. I also have a friend like that, whom I always see she always makes me laugh really, really about everything, she jokes and her expressions they are just so funny that even if she’s talking about something very casual. She really makes me laugh and I keep telling her, you’re such a barrel of laugh. Somebody who’s very funny. But over the years the use of this term has slightly changed. This also may refer to a person, who is a bit annoying with their jokes. People who crack slightly poor jokes, they don’t really make you laugh they are trying to be funny, but they’re not successful at it and you don’t laugh at it so much. So those people can also be called as a barrel of laugh. It’s your choice, you can use it for a person who’s really funny or maybe you can use it for a person, who tries to be funny. Slightly annoying for you, annoying means that person irritates you maybe.

Coming to the third one, cheap stake. What do I mean by cheap? Something that does not cost us too much money. This is all related to money. Do you know any person this, who’s very rich? I know a couple they are very rich like really super rich, but the man whenever they go for shopping like the couple. The man would always look for the cheapest thing, because he’s stingy. That’s his character, let’s not judge him, whatever he likes. But that’s how he is, so we have a word for people who are stingy, we have an idiom for them and that is cheap stake. People who are stingy.

With this we come to the next idiom, Odd ball. Odd, do you know about odd and even numbers? What are the odd numbers? 2, 4, no, 1, 3 yes the numbers that are not in same order. That’s what odd means. Somebody who does not fit well in the surroundings that person, who is very strange. Please don’t mix it with stingy, stingy is a person who does not like to spend money and strange is a person, who does unexpected things or who has really strange ideas. Has anyone ever told you to add salt to your desert? That person is an odd ball. Yes very, very strange, coz nobody would want to do that, If you now anyone like that, you can always say in a very funny and light way that you’re an odd ball. Ball yes ball for you strange person. We have another word for strange and that is weird.

Moving forth to the next one, Trouble maker. Do you know anybody who causes trouble? Who is the first person to cause trouble in a party maybe or when you’re in a meeting? That person will have unwanted questions just to trouble everybody and to waste time. That person is called a trouble maker. There’s another idiom for that person and that is, Class clown. Clown means somebody who’s a joker. Why do we use this term? Because these people who are trouble makers also make us laugh sometimes, so that’s why we can also call them class clown. Either it can be someone who makes you angry and also laugh, because of their stupid activities.

The next one here, Dare devil. Dare means somebody to take some risk that’s what daring means to take a risk or to do an activity that involves some risk. And devil I’m sure you already know, If you know a person, who thinks that it is thrilling to drive in a rash manner then that person is a dare devil. Because they are not afraid and they want to take risks just for the fact that it’s enjoying, they enjoy taking risk. For that reason they take dangerous risks. Dare devil, people who take risks.

Now we move on to the next one, Old as the hills. How old are the hills? Do you know? They are so old that even we don’t know, maybe you know centuries and they were formed when the earth began. They are so old. Do you know anyone who’s like the oldest person in your family? My grandpa is, he’s very old. He’s 90, which you know what? He loves driving even at this age. He’s dare devil too. I must say that, but he’s still as old as the hills. This is also a simile that you can use, As old as the hills, because we are using two as here. I hope I can be like my grandpa, when I’m ninety, someone who is very old.

The last phrase, Nutty as a fruit cake. What does the fruit cake have? It has a lot of nuts, which are crunchy and cranky. Can you relate to the word cranky? Yes cranky. Cranky is a person, who is very crazy and who has crazy ideas. They are fun also, you like to be around them because they are crazy and they do activities, which are thrilling and exciting. But please remember, Nutty as a fruit cake is very different from dare devil. They take, you know they get into dangerous thing and they take risks. But nutty as a fruit cake these people do not take risks, but they do crazy activities. Like you know just dancing, having fun and enjoying. Those are the kind of people, who are called nutty as a fruit cake.

With this we come to an end of this lesson. Now you have a lot of idioms to talk about the people around you, but my challenge to you is, choose one of these idioms and write in the comments, which idiom suits you best. I’m not going to tell you the one that’s suits me best. Maybe I’m nutty as a fruit cake. What about you? Do leave me your comment. Thank you so much for staying with me. See you very soon with another video. Till then you take care. Bye, bye.

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