Accent Lesson 05 – Vowel sound /ɛ/ AS IN GET

Lips: Your lips are farther apart than for /eɪ/ and are relaxed.
Tongue: The tongue is relaxed, and stays at the mid-high position.

Common Spelling Patterns for /ɛ/

1. e           get, end, next, general
2. ea         heavy, head, read, measure

There are always certain exceptions:

said, says again, against, any, many

Word Pairs for Practice

1. presidential election                 6. heavy metal
2. bend your legs                          7. get better
3. plenty of energy                        8. elegant dress
4. remember the pledge              9. next Wednesday
5. better friend                             10. well read

Practice Sentences

1. Without some extra effort you will never excel.
2. Jenny and her friend had eggs for breakfast.
3. I expect this session to end at ten.
4. On the seventh of February the weather was wet.
5. I see my best friend Fred every seven days.


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