Accent Lesson no 07 – Vowel sound ‘uh’ AS IN FUN

Lips: Your lips are completely relaxed and slightly parted not too much.

Tongue: Your tongue is relaxed and stays at the middle position.


Common Spelling Patterns for /ɘ/ ( uh sound) are :

 u        duck, fun, summer

o        dove, come son

ou     cousin, country, enough


Word Pairs for Practice

1. tough luck

2. jump up

3. fun in the sun

4. number of guns

5. wonderful subject

6. under the rug

7. number one

8. undercover

9. enough money

10. Sunday Brunch

 Practice Sentences

1. His brother doesn’t trust us.

2. What country does he come from?

3. I had another fun summer in London.

4. I don’t have much stuff in the trunk of my truck.

5. I love the sunny summer months.

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