Converting Active voice (Imperative sentences) to Passive voice

Finished watching the video on how to convert Active voice to Passive voice with Imperative sentences, now take the quiz below and find out how much you have learned from this English Grammar lesson.

1. Fill the bucket.


2. Complete the project.


3. Throw the paper in the dustbin.


4. Open the window.


5. Do not shut the door.


6. Leave the book on the table.


7. Iron the dress.


8. Remove the curtains.


9. Do not empty the jar.


10. Do not order the food.


Question 1 of 10

Imperative sentences are requests, commands, orders and instructions. The subject is hidden in an imperative sentence.

Example: Get out of the class! (‘you’ is hidden)

So, in this lesson, you will learn how to make imperative sentences I the passive voice. A very simple rule is to be followed when you make imperative passive sentences:

Let + Object + be + past participle verb (verb in the third form)

In case of a negative sentence, use:

Let + Object +not + be + past participle verb (verb in the third form)

Remember, the object is the person/thing on which action is done.

Active: Keep it there.
Passive: Let it be kept there.

Active: Take it home.
Passive: let it be taken home.

Active : Please help me.
Passive: Let me be helped.

Active: Do not touch it.
Passive: Let it not be touched.

Active : Do not beat the dog.
Passive: Let the dog not be beaten.

Active: Let me do it.
Passive: Let it be done by me.

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