Stop Saying ‘You Are Smart’ – Learn 10 New Advanced English Speaking Words to sound Smart

Do you want to look smart while answering Job Interview questions such as – Tell me something about yourself? But you don’t want to use the words smart as it may seem too direct. Learning English is all about exploring studying new English words to speak fluent English easily. Smart is a very common word used in English conversation, but you could replace it with more smarter words to sound confident in a Job Interview while basic Job Interview questions. This Advanced English Vocabulary Lesson with Meera would help you learn better word replacements for ‘SMART’ and would make you indeed smarter in your English communication. Watch this complete English Training Video and fill your vocabulary bank with some great words.

Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk this is me Meera today we’re going to talk about certain smart words but smart words for what exactly? Well smart words which actually describe or have our synonyms for the word smart itself. Now did you guys know that we actually use the word smart for a variety of things, like what? So we can use smart for people okay? We can use smart for clothing in style, um we can use smart for objects and items, okay? And then we can also use the word smart to describe a place or a hotel, okay? So these are the, these are four different areas where you can actually find yourself using the word smart. But it’s actually true that you cannot, you cannot just use the word smart to describe everything because there are so many differences in that word itself and these are exactly those words which, words which will help you distinguish between different meanings for the same word which is ‘smart’, okay.

Let’s get going guys so very quickly. Today’s first word is ‘clear-sighted’. Now clear-sighted is basically someone who can judge situations very smartly. Do you know anybody in your life who can judge situations very smartly, tell me? Think about it. This is usually the person you would find yourself calling and taking advice from. So here’s something that I always call my mother because she’s someone who’s clear-sighted and gives me the best advice according to the situation. You can very much use this as in your interview if they ask you what are your strengths, you can always say I’m someone who is a clear sighted person and then they would ask you, why do you think so? You can give you an example where you might have helped someone or where you probably judge the situation and was we were able to come up with a solution. Well that’s someone who’s clear-sighted.

Now talking about judgment there’s another word which is ‘discerning’ which talks about judgments, smart judgments of course. Especially when it comes to art, music and books okay? So I want you to remember this word as someone who can judge in terms of art, music, books, etc. and that is someone who is, who has, who is discerning, alright? So you can always say that I always look up to my sister as she is she is a discerning personality when it comes to books, okay? That means she’s very smart in terms of judging good art, well say, not so good art or music or book. See how judgment, smart judgment itself has two different words make sure that you’ve written it down somewhere, okay? I want you to use it.

Moving on ‘savvy’. Now this savvy is different from the other savvy that we know about technology. Here this savvy actually means someone with good practical knowledge, okay? All right, that’s someone, well let’s put it in a sentence, for example you just met a professor and you have to tell us your mother, that um mom I actually met someone today who’s extremely savvy. Now your mother might ask savvy in terms of someone who can use technology well no it actually means someone who has great practical knowledge, all right? Now you could be savvy too. Are you someone with better practical knowledge? At least I am I’m not that good in theory but I’m really good and I’m savvy when it comes to my experience because I have had a lot of practical experience. Are you getting it? Fantastic!

Moving on ‘resourceful’. I might have said this before but I will tell you again, I really appreciate people who are resourceful. In this case it means someone who, who can give you the exact knowledge that you want, the exact answer to what you’re, what the question that you’re looking for or someone who simply knows so much that he becomes resourceful. I’ll tell you an, I’ll give you an example, I have a cousin named Aashay, alright and I think, in fact all of us in our family things he’s a resourceful person and I will tell you why, wherever you ask him about ask him about any flights, he knows it. For a booking flight tickets, you asking about travel, he knows about travel, you ask him about education, he knows that. So that is an all-rounder smartness someone who can provide you with information or an object as well is someone who’s resourceful. Now that’s another kind of smartness this is something that you can use in your interviews as well, right? Someone who’s resourceful, okay? Again it’s a very it’s a different word for being smart, okay?

Now coming to ‘modish’. Now what is, what does modish mean? You might have actually got a hint with its spelling some, here modish it actually talks about your clothing which is fashion which is really in or current, right? And you’re aware of that current fashion, right? Current fashion. Well the purse that you bought recently looks completely modish, it’s fashionable, it’s absolutely in, in fashion right now that’s modish.

Now ‘debonair’ it actually stands for charming and confident, right? Umm, you can always say I really like that guy because his personality is so debonair. Which means he’s so charming and so confident even if he doesn’t smile he looks debonair, right? Which means very confident, okay?

Moving on from debonair to ‘spruce’. Now ‘spruce to is a way of actually telling someone that here you look extremely smart you’re your clothing is smart and the whole look that you got is very elegant, all right? And neat, elegant and neat. Oh hey, the tuxedo that you’re wearing makes you look spruce. With your with clean-shaved and good that the hair that you’re wearing is looking good on you, the nails are cut. Basically elegant and neat. You can use the word spruce.

Moving on from spruce we’ve got ‘plush’. Like I said before just not for people you can use it for a place as well. So plush is a luxurious place probably a restaurant or a hotel that may give you in a luxurious experience okay and that is plush and smart and extremely fashionable is plush. The other day we were looking at a magazine and we saw this extremely plush restaurant that’s how you can put it across in a sentence.

Moving on from there we have ‘genius’ of course how could I have ever missed this word when it comes to smartness. Now genius actually means original someone who is just born genius, born smart, right? So it’s in their blood as well okay that someone whose genius of course don’t, don’t try to take their IQ test because they would definitely break anyone’s leg when it comes to in their IQ test.

Okay, moving on from genius we have another word which is ‘sharp’. Well guys sharp can actually be used for brain and clothing as well. The way I think the way sharp means is that you can always say that hey that’s a very sharp dress that you’re wearing, you’re looking sharp today. That means your nails are cut, you’re wearing good and clean and neat clothes, your trousers are all ironed and you have tucked the shirt properly, you’re wearing the correct shoes, you’re standing in the right way or the position your body language is correct, from head to toe it’s the best look that you’ve got on you’re looking sharp. Goes for with men as well as with women, right? Now that’s what clothing, I’m just gonna write clothing over here okay.

Wonderful now moving on from here what I’ve got for you is, I want you guys to write to me in the comment section as to how would you define your friend what kind of smart, how would you define your friend, is he discerning or is she discerning or do you think this style is spruce or do you have a crush on someone who, who has debonair personality. So guys I’m going to encourage you to write to me in comments section as to how did you find today’s lesson? Make sure that you use these words. I will be back with just an interesting topic as today, until then make that you’re smiling, keep practicing, spread a lot of love, this is me Meera signing off for the day, bye.


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