Using the phrasal verb ‘Break up’ in different ways

Finished watching this advanced spoken English lesson – Phrasal verb ‘Break up’. Now it’s time to see how much you have learned from this lesson. Take the phrasal verb quiz below.

1. What is ‘Break up’ ?


2. The new glass slipped from Jon’s hand and it broke up. This means…….


3. The network is poor and you’re breaking up. This means………..



4. The conference broke up at 2 pm. It means……..



5. Sarah’s sense of humor is awesome. Every time I meet her, she never fails to break me up. This implies……



6. The children’s school breaks up in the end of June for summer vacation. This sentence means…….



7. Samantha and Richard can no longer gel well. They have decided to break up. So, they have decided to……..



8. Melamine plates do not break up unlike glass plates. This means……



9. Let Jenny be happy. Don’t tell her the truth and break her up. This means………


10. On hearing about the sudden death of his father over the phone, he cried profusely. Seeing him in that state just broke me up. This implies… …


Question 1 of 10


In this advanced spoken English lesson, you will how to use the English phrasal verb ‘break up’ in different ways. This English phrasal verb is most commonly used to express that a couple has ended their relationship and are no longer together.

But, it can be used to express other things as well.

  • Example 1: The plate broke up when he dropped it. (broke into may pieces)
  • Example 2: When do you break up for Christmas? (educational institution closes for vacation)
  • Example 3: Maria and John have broken up. (ended their relationship)
  • Example 4: You’re breaking up. I’ll call you back later. (to be inaudible over the phone, due to interference, noise and network problem)
  • Example 5: The thought of hurting john just breaks me up. (to make somebody upset)
  • Example 6: The meeting broke up at 11 am. (ended or to go different ways)
  • Example 7: His jokes break me up. (to give a hard laugh with one’s jokes or wit and humor)

We hope this advanced English lesson about using the phrasal verb ‘break up’ has helped you to clear all the confusion you had to use it in  your conversation. Subscribe to our video lessons and improve your English speaking skills.

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