Difference between American & British English pronunciation.

In English the pronunciation differs based on your native language. The Standard English Accent which is accepted worldwide is either the American English Accent or The British English Accent. In this English pronunciation lesson you will learn the basic difference between the British and American English pronunciation.  Emmelda teaches you few common words that are pronounced differently in American and British English.

British English Pronunciation Words American English Pronuncuation
Shed-yul Schedule Sked-yul
Of-Un Often Of-tn
Pri-va-cee Privacy Pri-vicy
Vit-amins Vitamins Vite-mins
W-aw-tuh Water W-aw-dr
I-den-ti-fy Identify I-den-ify
Gar-idge Garage Ga-rr-aage
Mo-bile Mobile Moh-bil

We hope this English pronunciation lesson has helped to understand the difference between the American and British English pronunciation. Practice these words to get your pronunciation right, we will come back with more such lessons to improve your English speaking.

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