How to use an APOSTROPHE correctly in written English?

In this English lesson, Rachna will teach you how to use an apostrophe when you want to express possession in written English. Often, people get confused when they have to use an apostrophe in written English. This English lesson helps you clear your confusion.

Finished watching the video, now it’s time to test how much you have learned from this lesson.

1. The _________________ breakfast is ready.



2. My ________________ _______________________ daughter is getting married next month.



3. My __________ school teacher is meeting us today.



4. The ___________________________ is leaking.



5. We attended ______________  ___________________ funeral.


6. I am a____________________ person.


People’s           (correct)


7. She is carrying her ______________ handbag.



8. I am at the _______________ clinic.



9. The ___________________ is broken.



10. The _______________ washroom is to the left.



Question 1 of 10


Example 1: Britain’s coastline is very beautiful. (to show something belongs to something or someone)

Example 2: The girl’s bedroom is big. (the bedroom that belongs to the girl, one girl)

The girls bedroom is big. (many girls share the same room)

When the plural noun ends with an ‘s’, just put an apostrophe after the ‘s’. Do not add an ‘s’ after the apostrophe. Example: The girls’s ( incorrect).


Example 3: My boss’s car is new. (the car that belongs to my boss. You can avoid adding an ‘s’ after the apostrophe)

My bossescar is new. (My bosses have a common car)

My bosses’s (incorrect)


Example 4: We went to Maria’s sister’s wedding.  (two possessives in a sentence. We attended the wedding of the sister of Maria)

Example 5: The door handle is lose.

The kitchen table is clean.

The door’s handle and the kitchen’s table, both are incorrect. Do not use an apostrophe to show possession for objects.


Example 6: The name of the ship was ‘Wonder Queen’. (not the ship’s name)

Example 7: My friend’s name is Andrew. ( you can use an apostrophe as you are talking about something that belongs to a person)

Remember, an apostrophe is used with a person, place, animal or an organization.

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