Dealing with Awkward Situations at workplace & their escape route.

 In this video from the soft skills bucket of Skillopedia you will learn some useful interpersonal skills to deal with those awkward situations you come across at your work place. Every one of us have to go through such situation – maybe telling someone about their body adour or asking someone to stop making those sexual reference. Now dealing with such awkward situations at workplace would be a difficult task, as it puts you in a sticky situation. This business skills video would help you get those required interpersonal skills & soft skills to deal with such awkward situations effectively. Don’t forget to subscribe to our  business skills channel – Skillopedia, the place to learn soft skills for the real world.

Awkward situation no 01 – Candid emails– A complete no

  • Unprofessional language. Avoid typing personal/candid and sarcastic email.
  • Wrong receiver: Check your ‘sent to’ information thoroughly

Awkward situation no 02-  Caught distracted in meeting

  • Caught distracted: Its best to take notes; this will help you focus
  • Unable to comprehend: take notes; will help you ask valid questions and improve your professional image & business skills

Awkward situation no 03 – Telling someone about the body odour

Follow these steps to reduce the awkwardness in this situation.

  • Ask the person to step aside and say “Hi, we need to talk!”
  • Be tactful: Do not point names but say “some of us have noticed that you smell differently in office at times.
  • Offer solution: Recommend a perfume or a cologne
  • Ask for an opinion: Give some time for the person to absorb this conversation and ask what he thinks about it.

More often than not, person will be receptive and accept your feedback. But the key is this conversation has to be confidential and no one else should listen to this conversation

Awkward situation no 04 –  Uncomfortable topics:

  • Religion: Its best to not to discuss
  • Sexual reference: if someone is feeling uncomfortable with such topics, he/she has to assertive but polite and express his/her displeasure on this topic.

Key here is to make the other person know assertively and politically about your displeasure and get an acknowledgement from him.

Awkward situation no 05 – Too close to be comfortable

Close Proximity can make people awkward and uncomfortable. Follow these steps

  • Step aside and face the person standing too close
  • Start a small conversation.

This will make the other person realise the lack of space between you too and he/she will step back.

We hope you really enjoyed this business skills session from Skillopedia, Subscribe and stay tuned for more interesting sessions.


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