07 Unique & Best ways – How to propose a girl? | Dating & Love Tips for better relationship.

Are you tired of those old school ways to propose a girl? Let’s learn new and unique ways – How to propose a girl you love. Use one of the 7 ways from this Skillopedia session to make your girl say ‘Yes’ to your proposal. This session is a light hearted soft skills development video for those who are struggling to ask their girl or pop up the big question. Some of the ways are very funny and some are quite easy to use. We are sure you would love these unique and best ways to propose, and would get a ‘Yes’ for your big question, maybe for marriage or simple dating. Let us know in the comments which one of these love and dating tips is your favorite, and you are planning to use to make the big move. If you are looking for more videos related to dating tips or relationship advice, let us know that in the comments below.

Complete Video Transcript –

So you and your girlfriend have been dating for quite some time now and you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship. You asked her parents for permission and you get a yes. You buy the ring and all of a sudden you’re completely blank. You’ve decided to propose which is awesome but how and where are you going to propose to her? You can’t think of anything. Your mind has frozen and you’ve gone blank. You think of oh how about a ring in the wine glass? A ring in the cake or propose in a romantic restaurant? But you know that all of these have already been done way too many times. So how can you make your girl feel special by proposing her in a unique way? Can’t think of any? Well, that’s what I’m here for today. In this session today, I will tell you 10 unique ways to propose to your girl.

An amazing way to propose would be, to randomly gift her a photo album with all your favourite memories and photos compiled together. Well, it should have all important milestones in your relationship. By milestones I mean the places where you first met her or the time when you asked her out or the place where you had your special date or even the pictures of your first trip and at the end of the album, write a special note about how much she means to you and then, here’s the catch keep the ring on the last page and she will definitely say yes to you.
Private proposals are lovely but a public proposal can be extremely thrilling and so romantic if you plan it properly. So do this, go to the movie theatre which you visit the most with your girl and tell them about your plan. Tell them to play her favourite romantic movie’s favourite scene and when the guy finally gets the girl in the scene go down on your knee and ask her if she would want to spend the rest of her life with you and the people around you will be cheering and so will you be when you finally get her yes.

Proposing with a gift is quite common but hiding the ring inside the gift is one of the unexpected ways to propose. What you could do is you could gift her a book and hide the ring inside the bookmark or you could gift her flowers with the ring hidden inside a note. You could also gift her a dress and hide the ring inside the collar. In any case, adding a gift to the proposal will definitely increase her happiness. I’m sure girls love gifts but make sure she finds out where you have hidden it otherwise it will be a blooper. So hide the ring in the gift.

Why not add some cuteness to your proposal? The best way for this would be to get a cute little puppy or kitten for the proposal and put the ring in the collar of the pet. So you start your evening by cooking her, her favourite meal, setting the table and setting the mood right for the evening which is very important. Don’t propose to her on a day she’s very angry. Propose to her on a day when she’s happy and if not then set the mood right and take your friend’s help in getting the pet ready until you decide to propose. Otherwise, if there’s too much noise she’ll find out. Then bring out the puppy or kitten and while your to-be fiancée is adoring the little pet and running her fingers through its fur. She will find the ring and be surprised and extremely happy. So you can hide the ring inside your furry friend.

Well, love is beyond time so you could also go back in the past. Well, no I know that there are no time machines invented yet but what I mean here is you can go back to the places where the most important milestones in your relationship happened. So plan a day like this, go to the place you went on your first date. All right and then to the place where you kissed her first and after that you could go to the place where you went for your first movie and all of these places can be a part of your proposal day and finally take her to all those places and remind her of all the important milestones and then in the end take her to an extremely romantic location and add that to your list of milestones by finally proposing to her there and adding these memories to the moment will definitely add more romance. So go back in the past and remind her of the good memories.

Do you know what a flash mob is? That’s a performance where people who appear to be complete strangers, they come together for a dance performance in a public place but what does it have to do with our list? Well, these days flash mob is a unique movie type way to propose to someone and yeah I know you must be thinking how do I organize it how can I get all these people, all these strangers. Well you could organize a flash mob with complete strangers over the internet and choose a public venue for the proposal and in the end let the selected people in the flash mob hold up letter boards spelling out, will you marry me and it will catch her completely off-guard and she will be surprised beyond words and I hope that you really get a yes from her and if you’re too worried then flash mob proposals are in trend right now and there are many organizations that can help you for arranging a romantic flash mob proposal. So try this one I think it could work.

If you want to make the proposal a bigger affair, then you can involve all your friends in giving your girl a very big surprise. They can help you out with the decoration and the theme and the cake while your job is only to keep her distracted till the main proposal. You can finally propose to her with all your loved ones beside you and an added advantage to this is that you can have pictures of her exact reaction when you propose to her. Of course, you can tell your friends to capture the moment for you and of course organizing a surprise proposal party with all your friends and loved ones will also give them an opportunity to share in your happiness. So I think it’s a great idea to involve your friends and family members for a proposal and that will be surely memorable for you and for her.

Proposals are one of the biggest parts of a woman’s life. She dreams of getting proposed to in a very romantic manner. Almost every girl wants to have a very romantic proposal by her guy. So if you don’t want to let her down, use one of these unique ideas to propose to her in a way that she never forgets. No matter what manner you choose, no matter where you choose to propose to her, you should make sure that it’s extremely romantic and it will be something that she will remember for the rest of her life and not only her, even you would remember it for the rest of your life. So your proposal should basically mark the amazing and romantic start of your married life with your soul mate. So my wishes and all the best for your proposal. Thank you so much for watching this session with me on Skillopedia I hope today that you have learned some unique ways to propose to your girl. If this works for you, then do let me know in the comments see you guys very soon bye-bye.





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