Between Vs Among – English Grammar Lesson ( IELTS & TOEFL)


1) Use between with two items.


Emily was standing between Sam and Adam.

Ram divided his property equally between his two children.
2) Between can be used to talk about distance and intervals.
I will be at the college between eight and ten.
The distance between wooden studs in new houses in UK is 350mm
3) Between is used before each
There seems to be less and less time between each event
Insert a space between each character
There are 9 lines between each centimeter


1) Use among with three or more items.
Example :
Ram divided his property equally among his three children.
The letter is somewhere among these papers.

2) Use between when something/ someone is between several clearly separated thing/ people. Use among when something/ someone is in a group/ crowd/ mass which we cannot see separately.
Example :
My villa is between the woods, the river and the village.
Your villa is hidden among the trees.
3) When talking about dividing and sharing things between or among more than two people or groups – can use any of the two
Example :
Ram divided all his property between/ among his children and grandchildren – both between and among are correct
We shared the work between/ among four of us. – both between and among are correct
4) Generally between is used after difference.
Example :
What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?
There are enormous differences between developing countries in burden of disease , financial resources, educational attainment, and health systems

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  • its really helped me to when I have to use between and among

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