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Welcome to Skillopedia, The place to learn soft skills for the real world. In this Personality development, video brings light to ‘What is body shaming and how to deal with it. You would come across body shaming everywhere in the society, maybe someone telling about your weight, how ugly you look, comment on the kind of clothes you wear, the type of food you eat. People have opinions about everything, they just see an opportunity to criticise. In this soft skills, training video learns how to deal with body shaming as Niharika shares with you some useful tips and tricks to deal with it effectively.

Complete Video Transcript:-

Hi, friends, it’s me Niharika and you’re watching me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Have you ever wondered that there are so many people around us who really want to change our appearance? Well, they constantly criticize our body or our body weight or about the food choices that we make. well, your friends or your family members end up passing negative comments such as, well with those huge thighs, I wonder if you’re ever gonna get a date for yourself? Wow, that’s hurtful. Or do they end up saying, that, hey you need to start watching some videos on how to lose weight? Ouch! That’s hurtful as well. Probably you are in a restaurant with your friends and you’re ordering your favorite food, maybe a pizza or probably a delicious cheesecake and here goes your friend, by saying, huh, are you gonna eat all of that? Well, that’s gonna be too much of fat around your waistline. Now, these comments can be really hurtful. So how do you deal with such people, who pass negative comments? Well, such people are called as body shamers and body shaming can be really annoying. So how to deal with such body shamers, how to rise above such negative comments that people end up passing? About your body, about your body weight or about your food choices. Well in this session, I’m gonna help you out with some tips. So watch me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.

Well, the first tip that I have for you is, don’t take things personally. Well I know it’s really easy to say but I truly believe that one should not take things personally. When people end up making negative comments about you, well are their words really gonna come and stick on your body? Well, are they gonna be like tattooed all over your body? Well, definitely not. So why do you take it personally? Well, it’s time to ignore, need not be angry or don’t get really emotional or upset about such comments. Well, people who are extremely happy in their lives, they would never do something to bring others down. They would always motivate you or lift you up. They do not have the negative feelings like jealousy or they’re gonna miss out on something well they are happy people. So they are always gonna be nice to others as well. Negative people, the people who are not happy about themselves. Well, they are not really leading a happy life, they are the ones who are gonna give or pass negative comments. So why take them seriously? Well, it’s time to ignore such people because the people who talk about you, well it just shows more about them. So stop taking things personally.

Well, the second tip that I have for you is, express how you feel. Well, in all honesty, there’s no point of upsetting yourself, especially when you do not voice out your feelings. Well, there are people around us like our good friends, our family members who probably comment on your body, about your weight or about your food habits. But in their mind, they think that they are doing this in order to help you out. Probably, you will start working on it. But hey guess what, that’s not really helping you out, that’s making you angry. It’s definitely affecting you emotionally. So you can’t really ignore it. Well if they are your good friends and if they are your family members, well it’s time to talk but it. Well, we always teach people on how to treat us, right? So it’s time for you to go ahead and talk to them and make them realize that their comments are not really helping you out. Well instead, it’s upsetting you. For example, your family, the member comes and tells you that, hey I think you should really cut down on junk food. Too much of cheese, uh, that’s so much fat. Well look you are gaining a lot of weight and you don’t look good. Well, that’s painful, right? So just go ahead and tell that person that, hey I don’t really like you commenting on my body or about the kind of food that I eat. I would really appreciate if you stopped doing that. Okay. so just be direct, a voice out your feelings and that should really work. So make sure that you express on how you feel.

So what’s the third thing that you can do? Well, start appreciating the things that you like about your body. Well, yes many of us are going through a lot of body image struggles but there are so many things that are really nice about your body too. We spend a lot of time watching commercials which show that how to get whiter teeth or how to get longer hair, beautiful luscious hair or how to have clear skin? But hey guess what? Probably these are the things that you already have. Amazing set of white teeth, beautiful, gorgeous, luscious hair or probably an amazing skin. Well, aren’t these things to be appreciated? Well, of course, there are so many who people who die to have such things. So why constantly keep complain or cribbing about our body weight. Well stop doing that and start appreciating the things that you really, really like about yourself and voice it too. Like it’s important for you to tell it to yourself and as well as to your friends. Because in this way, it just motivates you and helps you to come out as a confident and a stronger person. So start liking the things that you really have.

So here is my last advice for all you out there. Well, you need to break through your body jail and come and start live a beautiful life. Well, the reason because, you live only once and it’s time for you to celebrate your life. Well, there are times when negative comments really make you feel bad about yourself. Well, you don’t feel confident to face the world. There are times when you feel that you’re not lovable or good enough for others. So stop hiding. Stop fearing such things. Well, it’s time for you to come out and live the life that you totally deserve. Such negative comments should not really affect you and especially if you follow the tips that I have shared with you today. Well trust me; it will help you to build inner confidence. So just love yourself, live happily, eat healthy food and exercise well and that should be all good. So start living your life.

So friends body shaming is something that we all face. Well, it’s not just about your or me. Well, there are so many celebrities who have also fought back body shaming and I would love to share these few examples with you. Well, here we have Demi Lovato who has also fought back body shaming. We have Selena Gomez, well an Instagram user had made an offensive comment about her body weight. Now, this did not upset her. Well instead what she did was she posted her picture in a bathing suit and this is what she commented, “well I love being happy with me.” an upbeat response to an obnoxious bullying, am I right? and then we also have some more celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha. well, she’s absolutely a stunning beauty but she has also fought back body shaming and look at her now like she looks just amazing and all these negative comments have not really affected her. so, people, it’s time for you to celebrate your body and let not these negative comments affect you. it’s time to rise above such negative comments.

so this brings me to the end of this session today and hopes this was really enjoyed by all of you. so do subscribe to our channel, Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world and make sure that you do press the bell icon on your screen so that you are notified of all our session that we end up uploading. so see you soon and watch more.

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