Words to describe office politics.

 This free  business English lesson is all about describing work politics. This business English lesson has certain words that describe work politics which we should be aware of, so that we can deal effectively with these situations whenever they arise at work. improve your English speaking English vocabulary lesson

Name dropping –

It  means to use important names to influence colleagues and clients in order to get your work done.
Example: Paul has the habit of name dropping and it is so annoying.

To curry favour –

To try to get into the good books of people like trying to impress your boss by getting coffee for him/her often.
Example: I have seen Sam currying favour all the time. improve your English speaking English vocabulary lesson

Badmouthing –

To criticize or back bite someone
Example: It’s a bad habit to badmouth about someone.

Idea snatching –

To pass off another’s idea as your own
Example: Idea snatching has become a very popular malpractice these days.

Lobbying –

To seek support or influence (people who try to gain support for their own benefit for their idea to be successful)
Example: I have always found Peter lobbying in order to make his ideas successful.

Overstepping –

Going beyond one’s scope (interrupting or trying to boss your own manager)
Example: Overstepping will not always help someone to climb up the ladder.

Groupism –

Supporting people because they are part of a group (the group does not allow outsiders to enter)
Example: There is a lot of groupism in this office and it needs to stop for everyone’s benefit

Playing favourites –

To like or dislike certain people for personal reasons
Example: The manager has been playing favourites for a long time and that is the reason the deserving candidates are not getting promoted. improve your English speaking English vocabulary lesson

Being pushy –

Being aggressive to get your work done
Example: A pushy boss will never be a favourite with his employees.

As far as possible one needs to stay away from practicing such bad work ethics. We hope that this Business English lesson has thrown some light on the kind of terms used in work politics and do make sure that they are used correctly. improve your English speaking English vocabulary lesson

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