Business English Phrases To Agree, Disagree, Clarify, And Interrupt Politely | Diplomatic Language For Wok Meetings

Corporate English is different from the English we speak with friends, family and on the streets. When you attend business meetings, you agree, disagree, need clarification, or have to interrupt someone midway. You can’t come as a rude person. This business English lesson is perfect to learn some formal English phrases for work meetings. In my English for work classes, I have come across young professionals who lack the basic language diplomacy and often sound arrogant ( although they don’t mean too). Is this your problem as well?

This is perfect English lesson plan to learn the following –

  1. How to show agreement in a meeting?
  2. How to disagree with someone politely?
  3. What should you do when you accidentally speak over someone.
  4. How to ask for clarification when in doubt.

I am sure this Business English lesson, would be useful for you and you would make use of the English expressions you learnt from this lesson.




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