Do you understand your Boss’s English? – Business English vocabulary

In this Business English (speaking) lesson, you will learn some of the words and English phrases used by your Boss at work. At times you might find it difficult to understand the spoken English used by the higher ups in your company. Learn all that in today’s ESL lesson with Emmelda and improve your English speaking to speak English fluently and confidently.

Under my nose –

When you do something under someone’s supervision you do it under their nose, you could do such thing with or without they observing you.

Target –

Target could be used as a noun and as a verb.

Target as a noun – It means you set a specific goal to achieve, for example, Your target is to earn $15K a month.

Target as a verb-  It means you are in the process of aiming at some goal, confusing, let’s look at an example – If your boss says “You need to target at $35000 sales a month”. So that’s a verb, your boss is asking you to aim at or to look for selling products that will earn you $35000.


The deadline means the last date of finishing something. It could be a project, an assignment or sales target of the month.

Club together-

This means to team up something. If your boss says “I need you to club together with the marketing team”.  It means you want to bring it up as a group.

Head start –

Head start means the help given by someone before you start something. So head start means help. It’s a help that you would get before you start doing an activity.

Follow up –

When you follow up, you are trying to understand what happened or you are trying to understand if there’s any new update.

Count on –

This means to rely on or trust someone for doing your something. This phrase is generally used to affirm if someone can do something for you.

Wind things up –

To wind things up means to finish things up. When your boss says this he means, quickly take a break or move on to something else.

We hope you found this Business English lesson useful and now understand the hidden meaning of the phrases used by your boss or higher ups.

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