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Let’s Talk Institute for English speaking in Mumbai & Thane offer best in class British Accent Training course & American Accent Training course. Our Accent training course videos have detailed explanation of the different consonant and vowel sound used by native English speakers. This accent training course would help you reduce your regional accent and develop an accent that is recognised, so called neutral accent. You may have the academic required skills but lack good communication skills. Today’s work environment is global and you interact with people around the world. It’s imperative to have an accent that is understood by everyone around the globe. Our accent training course Mumbai would just help you stay ahead with that.

Advanced English lesson to learn how to understand fast native English speakers

Tips to understand fast native speakers.

There are many people who are learning English, can read and write well in English. However, some of those English learners face difficulty in...

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English speaking lessons in Hindi - Spoken English Institute in Mumbai Thane Delhi India

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