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Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai offers the best English lessons to improve your English communication skills. Our English classes conduct carefully designed English speaking course to improve your spoken English faster and better. Join our Spoken English institute near you, to learn more about our classes watch our English trainers as they demonstrate how English is taught at our English institute. We have different levels of English course covering topics such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation, Accent Training to overall develop your English skills.

Free English Grammar lessons

Phrasal Verbs with GO!

Finished watching the lesson, now test what you have learned. Phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb. It is a combination that...

English lesson on Phobia

Talking about types of phobia.

Finished watching the video, now take a test to see how much you have learned from this lesson. Phobias are irrational fear of things and situations...

English Phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verbs – Dating

Finished watching the video , Now its time to test what you have learned In this lesson, you are going to learn about the common phrasal verbs used...

Free Advance English lesson

Idioms to express happiness in English

People always like expressing their happiness to their loved ones. In this lesson you would learn to use certain phrases and idioms to express your...

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