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Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai offers the best English lessons to improve your English communication skills. Our English classes conduct carefully designed English speaking course to improve your spoken English faster and better. Join our Spoken English institute near you, to learn more about our classes watch our English trainers as they demonstrate how English is taught at our English institute. We have different levels of English course covering topics such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation, Accent Training to overall develop your English skills.

Giving and Receiving Compliments.

In this lesson, Ceema tells you certain points one must keep in mind while giving and receiving compliments. The key points while  a compliment are :...

English lesson to learn vocabulary

Talking about Fitness in English

Just as our body needs exercise to stay healthy so does our English. This lesson helps you to talk about fitness in English. 1. To get fit/ Get in...

slangs in English

Commonly used slangs in English – Part 02

Finished watching the video, now take the test to know what you have learned.   1.Donkey’s years-  Meaning : for ages, for a very long time Eg.I...

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