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Free Spoken English and Grammar lesson

Using ‘Who’ or ‘Whom’ – ESL Lesson

Finished watching the lesson, now take a test to see how much have you learned. In this lesson, you will learn how to use ‘who’ and ‘whom’ correctly...

English vocabulary Lesson - Clothing

Talking about Clothing — Shirt

Let’s learn English for talking about clothing : shirts 1. put on a shirt 2. wear a shirt 3. take your shirt off 4. change your shirt 5. change...

Spoken English Lesson

How to Express Condolences in English?

What is condolence -acknowledging a loss, showing sympathy, and empathizing with someone? When a person dies it is difficult to know what to say to...

Spoken English Lesson

Talking about Sadness in English

It’s unfortunate that there seems to be more negative emotion than positive ones. Being sad, unhappy and depressed is a common emotion that we...

Free English Grammar lessons

Phrasal Verbs with GO!

Finished watching the lesson, now test what you have learned. Phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb. It is a combination that...

English lesson appearances

Talking about appearances in English.

There are many ways to talk about physical appearance and describe people in English. In this post, in this lesson Ceema provides the most common...

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