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Job related Idioms and Expressions - Business English Vocabulary

Job related Idioms and Expressions.

There are many idioms used in the business world.  If you don’t understand these English expressions, it’s easy to get lost in a English conversation...

Comparative Idioms in English - English Vocabulary & Grammar lesson

Comparative Idioms in English.

We all compare ourselves to something or the other, so here are some phrases that will help you to compare people to something and help you to speak...

Car accident vocabulary – Free Spoken English lesson

Car Accident Vocabulary.

I HATE CAR ACCIDENTS.  Well, who doesn’t? A car accident is something that happens when your car bangs against a person, a tree, any other...

Talking about dreams in English – Free English speaking lesson

Talking about dreams in English.

The topic of dreams can lead to some very fascinating English conversations. Dreams can be wild, fantastic, scary uncensored bizarre images that are...

English Expressions with the Word 'BOOK' - Free spoken English lesson.

English Expressions with the Word ‘BOOK’

In this English lesson take a look at some English expressions with ‘book’ Try every trick in the book Every clever or dishonest way that you know to...

Idioms for the New Year - Free English Speaking lessonsIdioms for the New Year - Free English Speaking lessons

Idioms for the New Year

New Year’s Day has come and gone, and most of us are still adjusting to having to remember the year is no longer 2014. January is a great month to...

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