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English idioms with numbers

Idioms with numbers.

Learn some of the handpicked idioms with numbers ranging from one-to-ten One track mind – To think entirely or almost entirely about one...

English lesson - idioms and phrases

Idioms to express Emotions

Here are some emotional idioms to tell people whether you’re happy, sad or angry. To blow ones top Meaning – (verb) to lose one’s temper...

English Vocabulary Lesson

Talking about alcohol in English

Drinking Liquor has become a fashion and a trend, as it is so common to drink in a pub, bar or restaurant it is very useful to know the English...

English lesson - saying thank you

Different ways to say ‘Thank you’.

Why do you say thank you to someone? By using the words ‘thank you’ is your way of saying you appreciate what they have done. This means...

English lesson to learn idioms

10 best Animal Idioms in English

[hr style=”double”] Finished watching the video, Now take the test. [hr style=”double”] 1. As busy as a beaver Some one who...

Free English Lesson to speak English

Talking about ‘FEAR’ in English.

There are many words and expressions in English for talking about fear. Words afraid: “Are you afraid of the dark?” frightened:...

English Lesson to talk about swimming

Talking about swimming in English.

Phrases to describe the activity of swimming: Go swimming Go for a swim Go for a dip (in the pool, in the ocean, etc.) Take a dip (in the pool, in...

British slang words

10 commonly used British Slang words

1. Balls-up – A messed up situation The whole trip to London was balls-up 2. Gobby – Being a loud mouth and/or offensive My neighbor is a little...

English Slang words and Idioms

Workplace idioms & slang words.

Idiomatic expressions and slang words have long played an important role in the English language. In fact, the use of idioms and slang words is so...

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