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Dealing with an angry customer - English phrases & Expressions

Phrases to deal with an angry customer.

When it comes to calming angry customers, it is important to use the right words. And handling an angry customer is the most challenging aspect of a...

06 tips - Addressing People Formally - Free Business English & Etiquette Lessons by Tash

06 tips – Addressing People Formally

When you meet someone under social or business circumstance, it is important that you address the person properly. Addressing people correctly only...

Talking about dreams in English – Free English speaking lesson

Talking about dreams in English.

The topic of dreams can lead to some very fascinating English conversations. Dreams can be wild, fantastic, scary uncensored bizarre images that are...

Idioms for the New Year - Free English Speaking lessonsIdioms for the New Year - Free English Speaking lessons

Idioms for the New Year

New Year’s Day has come and gone, and most of us are still adjusting to having to remember the year is no longer 2014. January is a great month to...

05 tips To Overcome Spoken English Fear - Free English Lessons

05 tips To Overcome Spoken English Fear.

Can you disagree with the fact that you have experienced fear of speaking at least once in a lifetime? Especially when English is not your native...

How to negotiate effectively? - Business English Lesson

How to negotiate effectively?

“What’s your best price?” “That’s too expensive.” “Your competitor is selling the same thing for….”...

English Trainer teacher jobs in Mumbai Thane. ESL Jobs Mumbai

English speaking lessons in Hindi - Spoken English Institute in Mumbai Thane Delhi India

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