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English Lesson - 08 Toxic Words to avoid in a Job Interview ( Job Interview Skills)

08 Toxic Words to avoid in a Job Interview.

This lesson covers some words you’ll want to try to avoid at your next job interview, because even though they seem like just ordinary words, they...

Learn English - 15 Crazy idioms ( Spoken English lessons)

15 crazy idioms in English.

This English lesson covers idioms that can be used to describe losing one’s temper /getting angry as in going crazy with anger . You will learn...

Words to impress your girlfriend or date.

Talking virtually is one thing and talking face to face is another. In this English lesson you will learn English vocabulary to impress her with your...

English Lesson to Describe Anger ( Synonyms) - Learn English Vocabulary

Describing Anger ( Synonyms)

In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to speak in English about different sides of anger. Anger is a very complicated emotion that we all...

English Trainer teacher jobs in Mumbai Thane. ESL Jobs Mumbai

English speaking lessons in Hindi - Spoken English Institute in Mumbai Thane Delhi India

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