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Skillopedia video for personality development and increase confidence and make life awesome

How to make your life AWESOME every day?

I wish I could travel back in time. I wish I could re-visit my early years and fix some things.  Is that what you think sometimes when life isn’t the...

How to overcome shyness and be bold - Skillopedia - Personality Development video

How to overcome shyness & be bold

Many people struggle with shyness and find it hard to overcome it . It can take some effort but it’s not impossible to open up and be confident...

5 rules to smart business card etiquette - Personality Development Video

5 rules to smart Business Card Etiquette.

Yes, there’s a thing called Business Card Etiquette when networking. All it takes one wrong move to jeopardize your professional image –...

English Trainer teacher jobs in Mumbai Thane. ESL Jobs Mumbai

English speaking lessons in Hindi - Spoken English Institute in Mumbai Thane Delhi India

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