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skillopedia lesson to learn how to develop and improve patience

How to develop and improve patience.

In this series of soft skills and business skills video from Skillopedia, you are going some tips to develop patience. To improve patience is a big...

English Lesson - 08 Toxic Words to avoid in a Job Interview ( Job Interview Skills)

08 Toxic Words to avoid in a Job Interview.

This lesson covers some words you’ll want to try to avoid at your next job interview, because even though they seem like just ordinary words, they...

06 tips - Addressing People Formally - Free Business English & Etiquette Lessons by Tash

06 tips – Addressing People Formally

When you meet someone under social or business circumstance, it is important that you address the person properly. Addressing people correctly only...

Personality development lesson

How to Look Approachable?

One of the first important steps to communicate effectively with other people is to look approachable. Whether you are trying to be a good a employee...

English lesson - saying thank you

Different ways to say ‘Thank you’.

Why do you say thank you to someone? By using the words ‘thank you’ is your way of saying you appreciate what they have done. This means...

Personality Development lesson and tips

5 ways To Make a Killer First Impression.

Most people will judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you and their view will most likely never change. Making a good first impression...

soft skills and personality development

SMILE – An underestimated expression!

In a life full of hustle and bustle, where you wake up on time but still reach late to work, you have completed your assignment and still haven’t...

English Trainer teacher jobs in Mumbai Thane. ESL Jobs Mumbai

English speaking lessons in Hindi - Spoken English Institute in Mumbai Thane Delhi India

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