Changing your decision – Quick & Easy English phrases.

At times it happens you have to change your decision, so why not learn some quick and easy English phrases for changing your decision. This English lesson for beginners and intermediate level would help you learn some interesting English phrases which would come handy in your English speaking/ conversation when you want to change your decision.

I changed my mind

To say in the past, you had one opinion but later you changed it.

I was going to buy a car, but then I changed my mind and decided to buy a bike instead.

I’ve had a change of heart

Change your feelings, attitude or behaviour towards the positive

We were told that we had to work on Christmas Eve, but then our boss had a change of heart and gave us the day off.

Hang on a minute/ second

To tell the other person to wait when you are thinking about a decision

When you order some food:

Hang on a minute; I don’t want a pizza. I’ll order some pasta today.

On second thought

To talk about your final opinion or decision

On second thought, let’s go to the park instead of the mall.

After further consideration

Formal phrase

Used to say you have given extra thought or consideration to the situation

We appreciate your efforts, but after further consideration, we have decided to stop the project work.

He/she convinced me/ persuaded me

Use this phrase to show that someone else influenced your decision

I wanted to travel to Malaysia but Dino convinced me that Australia would be a better place to visit.

I’m not sure what I was thinking

To say that your previous decision was not logical

I don’t have the money to travel abroad, I don’t what I was thinking when I agreed to join you on a vacation.

I did a 180

To completely change your opinion or feelings, exactly opposite

I used to think swimmers are show offs but after my accident in the pool, I did a 180.

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