Commonly used slangs in English – Part 02

Finished watching the video, now take the test to know what you have learned.

The essay you have written will never get an “A”. It is complete _________________.


The poor old man _______________ after having battled with dementia (mental illness) for so many years.


How do I beat this weather? It’s ________________________ .


I need to get the number of the —————— who came to your place the other day


She’s been working there for ________________.


My co-worker actually did a _____________ at the end of the party! I couldn’t believe it!


Well, I’ve just joined work last Monday, everything is ____________ at this point in time.


________________ is one way of bullying those who can’t fight back.


I hope my _____________ is not too visible, it’s quite embarrassing you know.


____________ is not the best way of getting top grades.


When you are weight training, you must have a ____________ for breakfast.


The guy’s behavior is erratic. He has definitely ________________________.


Question 1 of 12


1.Donkey’s years- 

Meaning : for ages, for a very long time

Eg.I haven’t met up with my cousins for donkey’s years

2a.Full Monty-

Meaning : to strip off one’s clothes/ be completely naked
Eg.The 18-year old did a full Monty at the party last night

2b.Full Monty-

Meaning : To do something in a wholesome way, to do as completely as possible
Eg.I had a full Monty for breakfast-I ate eggs, bacon, sausages and baked beans!

3.Hunky Dory-

Meaning : Excellent, perfect, completely fine
Eg.Their relationship is just 2 months old, so everything is just hunky dory


Meaning : Bruise-like mark left on skin due to amorous kissing or sucking, also called Love Bites
Eg.My friend had a hickey after her very first date


Meaning :Total rubbish, nonsense (crap)
Eg.The man who sang at the talent show was complete pants


Meaning :Studying real hard just before an examination or test
Eg.You better get swotting if you want to pass the test you got to take tomorrow

7.Taking the piss-

Meaning :Making fun of someone
Eg.Stop taking the piss at John, he is completely innocent

8.Lose the plot-

Meaning :Go crazy, become mentally unstable
Eg.What? Have you lost the plot? Stop screaming at me!

9.Its Monkey’s outside-

Meaning :very cold, freezing
Eg.Don’t forget to wear your jacket, it’s monkey’s outside!


Meaning :Gorgeous or a stunning looking individual
Eg.Michelle looked a complete knockout at last night’s party

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  • really it was knock out session for me and boost my moral for the english speaking

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