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Hey English learners, welcome to one more interesting English Lesson to Improve your Spoken English, to become fluent in English. In today’s lesson you will learn about confusing words in English, Power & Strength are two words often used in English conversation and people get confused using the correct word, today you will clear this confusion. I hope you will find this lesson helpful. At at Let’s Talk always try to bring you something new to learn that you help you to take your English to the next level and make you speak English faster.

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Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk, you are with me Meera. Well as all of us know that there are certain confusing words in English, aren’t there? Well today we have jotted down two such words which create confusion, why? Because they are so similar, they sound similar in a way that, in a way of usage, right? But then what happens is, we end up using them in the wrong sentence or situation and then you might just feel a little weird after using them. Something like this, you know like, it doesn’t sound right, am i using it right? Well that’s right. Because today’s confusing vocabulary is, “power” versus “strength”, right? That is what we’re gonna clear out today. So let me begin with a question, when it comes to the word “power”, right? What is the first thought that comes in your mind? Quickly, try and think about it. Well when it comes to power, I end up thinking about influence, you know someone’s, someone’s authority over people, someone’s, someone who knows people and people who do something for that person, that’s power for me. The first thing that I think of. Now, let me ask the same question, what do you think about strength, in the first go? What do you relate it with? You related with physical strength, body, right? Now try and understand that these two are still a little different because the way we perceive it. Okay let’s take a look at the meanings of, for both first, well what is the meaning of power? When it formed, when it is in the ‘noun form’ it is the ‘ability’, right? To do something or and act, okay? In a particular way, in a particular way, right? Well that’s the noun form of it, so let me just specify here, ‘noun’. Now try to think of it in the ‘verb form’, power in the verb form, yes any guesses? That means, to travel with speed you know, in speed, an ability to travel with tremendous speed that is the verb, okay? So I’m just gonna underline here and underline here. There you go, there are your two different meanings. Now when it comes to strength, okay? Strength in the ‘noun form’, is what? It’s the quality or the state of being physically and mentally strong, you know, it’s the quality of being mentally and physically able or strong, okay? Or to be able to handle a certain amount of force and still be stable in that, you know? It is to handle force or certain force that comes upon you and you are still able to withstand that force. So these were the meanings for you guys. Now let’s take a look at the usages, now whenever we think about power, right, where all can you use the word, “power”? You can use it when you’re talking about machines, machines need power, machines need power to perform to work in order for it to be useful to the human beings, to us. Then you can use it whenever there is a political or a social situation in terms of someone being influential, right? That’s why I have particularly mentioned political as well as social influencers, which means when people are influential, right? Well now these days we have so many social influencers, who try, who you take inspiration from and try to behave like them, be like them, dressed like them, talk like them. Similarly we have people who can politically influenced us, right? We try to think the way they think about for our benefits, right? Now, these are the uses, okay? Since now we have like looked at the uses, I want you to know what could be the opposite of the word “power”, it means the ‘lack of power’ or less of power, in simple terms powerless, right? In simple terms powerless, that’s the opposite of power. Before I get to the examples, I want to move to the “strength” section and make sure that you’ve understood both before we move to the example side. We have looked at the meanings here, now we’re going to take a look at the uses just the way we have for, “power”. When we talk about strength, you can use the word “strength”, when you want a related with a physical strength or a mental strength of some person or somebody, right? How that person can stay strong, physically or mentally as well. Now if we take a look at the opposite over here, the opposite of strength is weakness, parse, parse… am I not right to say that power doesn’t have a specific opposite as such. It’s just ‘lack of power’, which is not a word exactly but in the case of strength, you have a particular opposite to it, which is, ‘weakness’. Now let’s get to the examples. Now we know the uses, machine needs power, political or social influence has, can be used in, with the word, “power” now let’s take a look at the examples, “I ran full power today” on very purposely I have written the first example as running with full power, now you’re thinking why is Meera ma’am, talking about machines being powerful and she’s talking about political and social influence suddenly where is this running come from? But human beings too are machines and that is why machine needs travel with speed, machine, and that is why it is absolutely correct to use “power”, when it comes to human being and speed related to human beings, you can use the word, “power” instead of “strength”. We will see why, now let’s move to the… okay, I’m just going to quickly write machine, travel plus speed, okay? I’m gonna move to the next example over here, “the laptop doesn’t run without power”, now you’re like yeah, now me now Meera ma’am is talking about something we have heard in the lesson previously. Obviously laptop is a machine and electricity is the only way it can work with battery, so laptop doesn’t run without power, here it’s completely correct to use power. Now the last example, “her grandpa, (grandfather) her grandpa is a powerful person”, in this case of course he doesn’t run on electricity, here it means that he has a lot of influence over people. That means he can talk to certain people and get the work done for her, for his granddaughter. Her grandpa is a powerful person he knows a lot of people and he is an influential person, okay? Now you’ve understood three uses, three uses over here, one, two and three and three examples over here? Perfect! Now I’m going to move to the examples in the “strength” side, we spoke about mental and physical strength, right? We also spoke about being able to handle force, withstand force. Now let’s take a look at the examples, “she is a powerful woman” and you are thinking Meera ma’am has incorrectly put the word powerful here, but no I want you to look at the difference, ‘she is a powerful person’ which means she’s an influential person, but the moment I use the word, “strong”, she’s a strong woman which means she’s mentally strong, she can handle difficulties, she can overcome difficulties and she can become the, you know the famous person or whatever she wants to become, but she’s a strong woman and here we are talking about “mentally”, okay? Right? That’s the difference between powerful and strong. Of course, had I written only “strong’ over here, she could also have been physically, but in specifically when you’re replacing the word power with strong, it means mentally. Now, “what are your strengths?” The most common question asked in any interview. Are they asking you about, oh I can do 10 pull-ups, I can do like 20 push-ups, I can do number of like 500 crunches? No. In an interview, in an interview when they’re asking you about your strengths, they’re asking you about your mental strengths, your skill sets, right? Mental strengths, your skills. What are your skills and your strengths that make you the person you are? And then lastly, “I’m strong enough to do 10 push-ups”. Here you are talking about physical strength finally, right? So there you go, there is your column of “power”, your “strength” take in a few moments, just pause the video if you want, quickly understand these points, understand how you’ve been going wrong, this is the example where you’ve been going wrong, you’ve been using “power” instead of “strong” for the wrong reasons. There you go, there’s your confusion which I have cleared today. Any time in the future if you think you’re getting confused again, always click this video, quickly recap with me and just get confident and be confident while using the word “power” or “strength”. Alright guys, that’s all for today, this is me, saying bye for now, but I’ll be back in a new video with a new topic, until then, this is me Meera saying, ciao.

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