Describing a bad day at work.

At times we find it very hard to express how bad your day at work was. You run out of correct words, and just don’t know what to say.

In this lesson, you will learn some phrases and idioms that would help you to express yourself better.

1. Can’t stand office politics – unable to bear or can no longer take something. It is beyond your tolerance level.

2. kissing up : butter up someone. When you want favors from influential or important people in your office, you speak very sweetly and sugar coat your words.

3. call the shots – to make important or big decisions.

4. to move up the ranks – to climb the career ladder.

5. boss always tries to micromanage – to have a strict control/excessive control

6. breathing down my neck- too watch too closely in a way that annoys you.

7. I’m spread too thin – to handle too many things

8. salary and benefits leave a lot to be desired – highly unsatisfied

9. to be done yesterday- immediately

10. wrap up- to conclude/ finish

Enjoy the lesson!

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