Difference ‘between ‘along’ and ‘alongside’

Finished watching the video, on the difference between ‘along’ and alongside’. now it’s time to test how much you’ve learned from this English lesson. Take the Quiz below.

1. John, come ______________ with me to the party.


2. The dairies ______ the street were closed yesterday.


3. The little boy walked __________ me till the grocery store.


4. The police walked ________________ the prisoner.


5. The students went to the baseball game ________________ with their teacher.


6. At the party, Maria was sitting ____________ John.


7. Bring your friend _____________.


8. I enjoyed my walk _________________ the river.


9. There are 3 new cafes ______ the shopping street.


10. Park your bike ________________ mine.


Question 1 of 10

In this English lesson, Rachna tells you about the difference between the two common words we use daily- ‘along’ and ‘alongside’.

Along: means ‘in a line next to something’ or ‘together with’

  • Example: There are 3 shops along the main street. (in line)
  • Example: I saw four boats along the bank of the river. (in a line)
  • Example: Don’t sit home alone. Come along with us. (together with. Use ‘along’ with verbs of motion)
  • Example: They’re getting their bikes along, so we can ride to the market.

(use ‘along’ with verbs of motion to express ‘together with’)


Alongside: means ‘clos beside’, ‘next to’

  • Example: The trees alongside the fence were damaged. (next to the fence)
  • Example: Park your car alongside mine. (next to mine)
  • Example: It’s difficult to cope with work pressure alongside my other issues. (together with)
  • Example: The dog ran alongside me all the way. (together with)

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  • hey rachna, i really like you tutorial,…….. i want a conversation with you ….. live …….i wish that you don’t mind .

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