Difference between ‘See’, ‘Look’ & ‘Watch.

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1. Did you _______ Henry at the party?


2. Keep a _______ on the baby while he is asleep.


3. Maria doesn’t ________ thirty five years old.


4. Are you ______ the soccer match now?


5. Why do you ______ so pale?


6. I’m going to ______ the doctor today.


7. _____! That dress is so beautiful.


8. Maria didn’t _____ me when she entered the room.


9. Mary’s grandparents _______ her while she was playing at the park.


10. Kelly asked Richard,  “Does this pair of jeans ____good on me?”


11. I have been ________ English movies since last week.


12. Don’t ______at me so angrily!


13. What do you _____ in the sky at night?


14. John can’t _____his friends in trouble.


15. Samantha needs to keep a _____ over her calorie intake as she is on a diet.


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See : is a verb of perception. It is an involuntary and an effortless action.  Do not use it in the continuous/progressive form ‘seeing’.

Example : I saw Samantha at school yesterday. (casually you noted her presence)

Example : John saw a good film yesterday. (to express that an action is completed, in this case, we are talking about watching the film. ‘Watch’ can be used in plce of ‘see’ in this example)

Example : Kelly saw the doctor last eveng. (here, it means she visited the doctor)

Example : I will see the Marketing team tomorrow. (it means you have an appointment)

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Look : is used when you want to give a particular direction to your eyes. When you ‘look’ at something, it means you concentrate and focus on it. You see something specific at one time. Do not us the verb ‘look’ in its progressive/continuous form ‘looking’.

Example : Look! It’s snowing. (so you change the direction of your eys and look towards the window)

Example : Look at th sky.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Watch”]

Watch : is used when there is a movement involved. You concentrate on something for a long time, like a movie/sport.

Example : I’m watchng an English movie.

Example : Watch the kittens as they may run away.(pay attention to the kittens)

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