Different styles to say ‘I Love You’

I love you holds a lot of meaning and there are various ways to express it and say it. In this lesson you will learn various ways to express your love to your sweetheart.

If you want to say it in a very poetic manner you may use these expressions

1) I’m smitten by you (It means you feel so happy to be around that person whom you are extremely attracted to)

2) ’m under your spell (When you are fascinated or influenced by someone. The world spell is derived from a word that has magical power.)

3) I yearn for you (when you long for someone with compassion)

When you want to be a little persuasive or over the top you can use the following expressions:

1)  We complete each other

2) I Worship you/you are my goddess

3) I can’t live without you

When you subtly express in a lustful manner where there’s a strong desire for physical intimacy you cans use the following expressions:

1) Lets turn on the heat

2) You make burn with desire

3) Lets mess around

All these phrases can be used by the smooth talkers through which they tend to get everything in their favour. There are no strings attached and no emotional bonding.

To express love you can also use some slangs such as:

1) I am hooked on ya! (This means you are addicted to this person)

2) Pre-Cop (A pre- sex agreement between adults that they would not get emotionally involved with each other)

3) Cup-Cake (It means to just stay home with your partner and get cosy instead of going out)

Like any healthy relationship English language is constantly evolving so use these expressions to express your love to your loved ones.

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