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Different Ways To Disagree In English.

We all want people to agree with what we have to say.  But we all know that it is quite impossible for that to happen every single time.  So sometimes, we have to disagree but in a polite way so that we are not offending anyone. In this lesson you will learn some useful expressions to disagree with someone with offending them.

I beg to differ

This is used when someone states an opinion that you obviously disagree with

  • Example : We can’t live without smart phones.
  • Answer: I beg to differ.  10 years ago, we had regular phones are we were doing just fine!

I’m not so sure about that

This is used when you are disagreeing with someone on a topic related to politics, economics, religion or science

  • Example : Human beings are a product of evolution.  We have evolved from apes.
  • Answer: I’m not so sure about that.  Evolution is only a theory.  It is not based on scientific fact.

Not necessarily

This is used when the statement you are disagreeing to doesn’t present the entire picture

  • Example : If people at home just turn their taps off when not in use, the problem of water shortage will be resolved
  • Answer: Not necessarily-what about water used for agriculture and various other business ventures in huge amounts.  You haven’t considered that.

I don’t see it that way

This is used when you see things from a different perspective

  • Example : Corporal punishment should be banned
  • Answer: I don’t see it that way.  Children should be disciplined..otherwise they will never learn to obey.

I’m afraid I disagree

When you want to politely disagree with a simple fact

  • Example : If we eat right, we will be able to loose weight
  • Answer: I’m afraid I disagree, losing weight isn’t that as simple as that


Used when you want to disagree becauise you’re not convinced even though someone is persuading you to do something

  • Example : You should order from McDonald’s rather than eating out! It’ll save your money
  • Answer: Yes..but junk food isn’t healthy.  That is no value for money in the long run because it will ruin your health

Well or actually

This is used when you are disagreeing indirectly

  • Example  01 : :Studying grammar is the key to gaining fluency in English
  • Answer:  Well, listening, speaking , reading are also other aspects that ned to be taken care of to be fluent in English
  • Example  02 :  John was the best football player in our school in 2007
  • Answer:  Actually, I think Adrian was better

No way OR you can’t be serious

Used when you want to disagree informally, say when you’re with friends or people close to you

  • Example  01 : Gladiator was Russell Crowe’s best movie
  • Answer: No way! Have you watched Beautiful Mind? He was incredible in it!
  • Example  02 :   I’m going to buy a new bike!
  • Answer:  You can’t be serious! You have 3 credit cards to pay off! How are you gonna afford it?

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